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Trucker Takes Vegan Road to Weight Loss

  July 13, 2015    

The latest celebrity to join Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus in embracing a vegan diet isn’t a singer or actor—he’s a truck driver. Bobby “Plant-Fueled Trucker” Andersen, a 45-year-old Mississippi truck driver, recently lost 65 pound on a vegan diet. He’s also exercising again and off of all medications—with his doctor’s approval.

How did he do it? On the road, he cut out barbecue, fast-food cheeseburgers, and other meat and dairy products and replaced them with more fruits and vegetables and plant-based meals—like veggie stir-fry and mac-and-no-cheese with broccoli—he cooks at home on his day off.

Andersen’s results are amazing, but backed by the latest research. Researchers at Harvard University recently reviewed studies of various vegetarian and nonvegetarian diets and found that study participants who were assigned vegan diets lost 5.5 pounds more on average, the most of any dietary group. And a meta-analysis the Physicians Committee published earlier this year found that participants on a vegan diet for at least four weeks lost an average weight of 7.5 to 10 pounds.

Our Success Stories Web page has dozens of other inspiring vegan success stories—from diabetes to cancer to weight loss—like Andersen’s. You can join Andersen on the road to good health by signing up for our September 21-Day Vegan Kickstart and check out our other nutrition resources.



Vegan food

Me lost 12,5 kg wt in twelve weeks through vegan diet n free from all medicine

Vegan Trucker Video

How inspiring!!!! Conditions for him are a lot more difficult than they are for most of us. But he's getting it done!!! Way to go, Bobby!


I am a diabetic. I take no medications. My Blood sugar level averages around 220+. I have started the starch solution and am praying this will bring my numbers down. My brother who is younger than I has already lost a foot to the disease. Up to this point I have mainly followed a Low Carb way of eating. I am 5' 9" and weigh around 235 lbs. It seems like my numbers are rising since I have started this plant based diet. I will stick with it for a month and give it a chance to take hold. I am at a loss on what to do next????

There's Hope

Maybe increase your veggies? You can do it!!

Are you eating more starchy

Are you eating more starchy foods, grains, fruit? That will impact your weight and your sugars. Sweet potato instead of white potato, very small portions of grains and low glycemic fruits such as berries, melons, some citrus. Possibly getting too much fat in your diet with nuts, nut butters? Eat more greens and green veggies...peppers, cukes, radishes, tomatoes, carrots, etc. Follow the rainbow of colors nature provides. I am also diabetic and taking a very strong insulin. I stay away from the starches and concentrate on veggies.

Healthy Body and Mind

Since Nov 2014, I have read many books and searched the web on plant based eating and recipes and started to eat better. In Jan 2015, I completely drop the dairy, eggs and meat products. I have gone from a size 10 to a size 6. Everyone wants to know what am I doing and is telling me I do not look my age (63) ...and if I would dye my gray I would look 45 ...My cholesterol level is down greatly and my blood pressure is to the point my Dr. said I can stop the meds if I want to. I am walking 5-6 miles a day. The eating and exercising I got but I am not getting enough rest/sleep. I sleep from 3 to 6 hours a night and end up restless or roaming. My brain is not as sharp and I hate practicing memorization games. What can I do to get sufficient rest and deal with focus memory recall?


Bruce, please follow the 21 day jumpstart. It is a good introduction to plant based eating. There is a lot of support and recipes.

There are many hurdles and we have provided a way for anyone to get success by avoiding the mistakes we made on our weight loss journey. I m a vegan and I never count calories and I have as much energy as people half my age.

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