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Don’t Let Hot Dogs Strike You Out This Baseball Season

  March 29, 2018    

Keep hot dogs off your plate

Today, Major League Baseball teams are celebrating Opening Day—and kicking off a season of increased colorectal cancer risk for baseball fans. According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, baseball fans are expected to eat more than 19 million hot dogs during the 2018 season. But even eating just one hot dog a day can increase the risk of colorectal cancer, which kills more than 50,000 Americans per year.

In 2015, the World Health Organization released a report declaring hot dogs and other processed meats “carcinogenic to humans.” Studies show that consuming one daily 50-gram serving of processed meat—about the size of a typical hot dog—increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 18 percent.

Unfortunately, some stadiums have taken baseball’s deadly processed meat addiction to a new extreme this year. “Extreme” hot dogs recently debuted at several MLB stadiums, including the Triple Play Dog at Coors Field in Denver—a hot dog topped with pulled pork, bacon bits, and purple slaw. The Milwaukee Brewers are offering a Polish Sausage Pierogi, while the Kansas City Royals are selling a Smoked Barbecue Brisket Taco.

Fortunately, other teams are stepping up to the plate and offering healthier options. The Philadelphia Phillies recently unveiled a new Vegan Cauliflower Cheesesteak, and the Toronto Blue Jays have added Vegan Nachos to their food offerings.

So, when you are soaking in the sun and enjoying America’s pastime, choose the Vegan Un-Tuna Salad or Greens and Grains Salad at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, not the Pulled Pork Pierogi Hoagie. Revel in the Vegan Nacho Grande with Beyond Meat crumbles at Globe Life Park in Arlington, and say no to the Triple B—a sandwich made with bacon, brisket, and bologna.

As some teams begin to offer healthful, plant-based options, it’s time for the rest of Major League Baseball to start incorporating our country’s health into our national pastime—and to strike out processed meat for good.


vegan dogs

I typed in what you were asking for and found several links. What if you buy one or two of them and sample them ahead of time, have a couple of your best options ready when she comes and prepack it in a lunchbag. Tell her you got her a special hot dog just for kids that they don't have at the ballpark. Then let it go!! (most important part... you are going out of your way, but the results with kids are hit and miss just by the nature of the fact that they are kids). And make sure you don't come off as a know it all to her parents... because that matters too. Just say I was looking into some options because I read that they can get cancer from hot dogs.

I have a similar nephew who will only eat chicken nuggets. I've gently offered suggestions but realize that he belongs to others and has his own mind. I can only suggest and tread lightly... But you have a little wiggle room with a young one and new parents! Good luck!

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