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Don’t Be a Processed-Meat-Risk Denier

  September 7, 2017    

Don't be a processed meat denier

The new documentary What the Health is fueling an important conversation about the health risks of hot dogs, bacon, and other processed meats. Here at the Physicians Committee, we’ve been urging people to “drop the hot dog” and “ban the bacon” for years. Now, a new report—that analyzed 99 studies including data on 29 million people—adds even more evidence showing that it’s unwise to deny the dangers of processed meat.

The authors of “Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Colorectal Cancer,” the new report by the American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund, concluded that “consumption of processed meat is a convincing cause of colorectal cancer.” The report also found that eating high amounts of red meat and being overweight or obese can increase colorectal cancer risk.

There is good news. The report concluded that eating approximately three servings of whole grains, such as brown rice or whole-wheat bread, daily reduces the risk of colorectal cancer by 17 percent.

Visit to learn more about the dangers of processed meats.

no amount of processed meat is safe


Hot dogs

Great Scott, Doc! Are sausages and hot dogs the reason so many professional baseball players die from rare and unheard of diseases at such a young age? That, and the smoking habits?
Cripes! Let's get hot dogs OUT of ball parks. Darrell Hall of the Arizona Diamondbacks needs to get on board, since he went public with prostate cancer.

When there are so many veggie

When there are so many veggie sausages that taste better and aren't made from a pigs anus, the option seems pretty clear haha!


Dear Dr.Bernard,
I would love to see more focus on oral systemic disease as this is also a very important issue in relation to chronic disease development which you are working on.If you want i can provide necessary evidence based info.
Best regards,
Dr.Cedric Coucke

Processed "meats"

Many of us are aware of the dangers of processed meat that comes from animals. But what about the processing of faux meats? These vegan meat analogs are so readily available these days, so convenient, and so delicious! But are they healthy?

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