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Does Your Doctor Discuss Nutrition with You?

Wednesday, Jun 21, 2017   Dr. Neal Barnard   other


heart health

Did you know that 80 percent of heart attacks could be prevented if we overhauled our diets and lifestyle?

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American Medical Association Passes Healthy Food Resolutions

Thursday, Jun 15, 2017   Dr. Neal Barnard   hospital food


Patients in hospitals and economically disadvantaged people need greater access to healthy foods. The American Medical Association agrees and just passed two important nutrition resolutions that will make this possible.

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Worried About the Paris Climate Accord? Eat a Plant-Based Diet

Thursday, Jun 01, 2017   Dr. Neal Barnard   climate change


The United States pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord today. But we can continue to help fight climate change and protect the environment in other ways, including eating a plant-based diet.

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