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Q-and-A: Author of WHO Processed Meats and Cancer Report

Wednesday, Jun 22, 2016   Dr. Neal Barnard   processed meat, cancer


Mariana C. Stern, Ph.D., a co-author of the World Health Organization report that declared processed meats carcinogenic to humans, says that physicians should recommend that patients avoid processed meats. In this excerpt from the upcoming summer issue of Good Medicine magazine, Dr. Stern discusses the link between meat and cancer, the impact of the WHO report, and her single most important piece of nutrition advice.

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Where do you get your protein?

Friday, Jun 17, 2016   Dr. Neal Barnard   protein, vegan, vegetarian


“Where do you get your protein?” It’s probably the No. 1 question vegetarians and vegans get about their diets. But why? In the United States today, protein deficiency is virtually nonexistent. In fact, most Americans are actually getting twice the protein their bodies really need.

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Sen. Joni Ernst: Military Needs Meatless Mondays

Monday, Jun 13, 2016   Dr. Neal Barnard   government and food policy


Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst introduced legislation this week to ban “Meatless Mondays” from the military. But banning Meatless Mondays and promoting the protein myth is a disservice to service members, increasing their risk for obesity, diabetes, and early death.

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End the Sweet Talk. Meat and Cheese Cause Obesity.

Thursday, Jun 09, 2016   Dr. Neal Barnard   dairy, obesity


Our fight against obesity has become a war on sugar. Next week, Philadelphia’s city council will have a final vote to determine whether the city will become one of the first in the nation to adopt a soda tax. 

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We Asked the NFL’s Aaron Rodgers to Give Up Cheese in 2011

Wednesday, Jun 08, 2016   Dr. Neal Barnard   dairy


It took five years. But Aaron Rodgers, who plays for the National Football League’s Green Bay Packers, finally got our message that Cheese Can Sack Your Health. In 2011, we posted this billboard near Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis., where the Packers play.

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Plant-Powered Novak Djokovic Wins French Open

Thursday, Jun 02, 2016   Dr. Neal Barnard   other


Novak Djokovic, the world’s No. 1 male tennis player, just won the French Open with plant-powered diet! Djokovic is so committed to a plant-based diet that he opened a vegan restaurant in Monte Carlo earlier this year.

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Celebrating Six Years of the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart

Wednesday, Jun 01, 2016   Dr. Neal Barnard   vegan


Are you our 1 millionth Kickstarter?

Since 2010, the Physicians Committee’s free 21-Day Vegan Kickstart program has helped more than 480,000 people in 144 countries across the world test-drive a healthy, plant-based diet. And now we’re looking for our 1 millionth participant. 

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