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The Warning Signs of Clogged Arteries

Monday, Jul 27, 2015   Dr. Neal Barnard   cholesterol


By the time many people reach their 20s, blockages that disrupt the flow of blood already exist within their arteries. Responsible for carrying oxygen-rich blood and life-sustaining nutrients from the heart to the rest of the body, healthy arteries are essential for maintaining a healthy body.

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PHOTOS and RECIPES: Congress Competes in Veggie Burger Smackdown

Friday, Jul 24, 2015   Dr. Neal Barnard   other


For attendees of a recent Physicians Committee event on Capitol Hill, it came as no surprise that members of Congress were lobbying for votes. Only this time, they were pulling for vegetables! At the inaugural Congressional Veggie Burger Smackdown, a friendly competition raged between attendees, as four fruits and vegetables faced off for the top prize.

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Share Your Beef About the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

Tuesday, Jul 21, 2015   Dr. Neal Barnard   government and food policy, industry influence


The 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans that will be released later this year will likely make a huge step forward by removing “lean meat” from its list of favored foods—unless the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association gets its way.

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Watch: Funny or Die’s School Lunch Pizza Farm

Tuesday, Jul 14, 2015   Dr. Neal Barnard   school lunch


The Pizza Farm, where “healthy” snacks like pepperoni pizza, taquitos, sloppy joes, and fish fingers are “grown,” is a new Funny or Die produced video released today by the American Heart Association. The satirical video pokes fun at the ongoing efforts of special interest groups that want Congress to weaken school lunch standards.

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Trucker Takes Vegan Road to Weight Loss

Monday, Jul 13, 2015   Dr. Neal Barnard   vegan, weight loss


The latest celebrity to join Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus in embracing a vegan diet isn’t a singer or actor—he’s a truck driver. Bobby “Plant-Fueled Trucker” Andersen, a 45-year-old Mississippi truck driver, recently lost 65 pound on a vegan diet. He’s also exercising again and off of all medications—with his doctor’s approval.

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Is Money the Leading Cause of Childhood Obesity?

Thursday, Jul 09, 2015   Dr. Neal Barnard   school lunch, children's health


Who’s Making Money from Overweight Kids?” —the cover story in the summer issue of Good Medicine magazine—features a report on how the meat and dairy industry makes money when the U.S. Department of Agriculture and School Nutrition Association (which has its annual conference July 12-15) promote junk foods—such as nachos, chicken wings, and pepperoni pizza—in school lunches. Click here to read the report and my editorial from the issue.

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Got a Prostate? Ditch the Dairy.

Monday, Jul 06, 2015   Dr. Neal Barnard   dairy, men's health


One particular type of cancer that affects men—and only men—is prostate cancer. In 2011, more than 200,000 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer. A recent study linked both meat and dairy product consumption with an increased risk of death after prostate cancer.

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