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The Human Body Is Complex, but the Solution to Many Diseases Is Simple

Monday, Nov 17, 2014   Dr. Neal Barnard   obesity


This is a guest post from Physicians Committee member Garth Davis, M.D. Obesity Week is a huge scientific meeting joining experts in medical and surgical weight loss to discuss the latest science pertaining to the disease of obesity.

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Discussing Diet and Diabetes with the Macedonian Minister of Health

Friday, Nov 07, 2014   Dr. Ted Barnett   diabetes


This is a guest post from Physicians Committee member Ted Barnett, M.D. Research shows that a low-fat, plant-based diet is effective in managing and reversing diabetes, decreasing the need for medication and cutting medical costs. This is why the Minister of Health of the Republic of Macedonia invited Caroline Trapp, N.P., C.D.E., from the Physicians Committee, and me to discuss how a healthful diet can reduce the country’s rising diabetes rates and associated costs.

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