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Colorectal Cancer: Raise Awareness of the Solution, Not Just the Problem

Wednesday, Mar 26, 2014   Dr. Neal Barnard   colorectal cancer, processed meat


March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, but just because March is ending, doesn’t mean that colorectal cancer will simply disappear.

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The Shameful Sham of Shamrock Shakes

Friday, Mar 14, 2014   Dr. Neal Barnard   dairy, fast food


Every March, McDonald’s releases its Shamrock Shake in dubious honor of St. Patrick’s Day. This dairy-and-syrup-heavy minty green beverage is supposed to make the month extra-festive. However, with 12 grams of saturated fat, nearly a quarter of your daily maximum cholesterol, and 660 calories, shake guzzlers will need the luck o’ the Irish to keep the jig in their step afterwards.

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