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An Event that’s Absolutely Sublime

Friday, Feb 28, 2014   Dr. Neal Barnard   other



Today, I’ll be leaving the polar vortex behind and catching a flight to Fort Lauderdale to attend a special event benefiting the Physicians Committee. This event is hosted by Nanci Alexander at her legendary Sublime Restaurant.

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ED this VD? It’s not you, it’s meat.

Friday, Feb 14, 2014   Dr. Neal Barnard   men's health


Between 18 and 30 million men in the United States have erectile dysfunction. It’s certainly a topic everyone’s familiar with—the image of a little blue pill or two outdoor bathtubs is practically iconic. But most people don’t know that ED isn’t usually caused by stress, alcohol, or performance anxiety—it’s a result of blocked arteries.

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Vegetarian? Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

Friday, Feb 07, 2014   Dr. Neal Barnard   vegetarian, vegan


Years ago, while gazing out the window at the meadow surrounding their house, Paul and Linda McCartney watched lambs playing. They were having such a lovely time gamboling about in the sunshine. Paul and Linda then glanced at the sliced lamb on their plates. And that was it. It took only a moment to make the decision. Out with the meat, chicken, fish—all of it—and they never looked back. Ringo quit eating meat decades ago, too.

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Cancer Prevention Can Start in the Checkout Line

Wednesday, Feb 05, 2014   Dr. Neal Barnard   cancer


Just in time for World Cancer Day this week, the World Health Organization released a new statistic stating that cancer cases worldwide are expected to increase by 70 percent over the next 20 years. This is grim news, but by eliminating just two things, cigarettes and processed meat, you can decrease your risk of 23 types of cancer.

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Dear Oikos: Take a Page from Joey Gladstone and Cut It Out!

Sunday, Feb 02, 2014   Dr. Neal Barnard   dairy


The buzz over this year’s Super Bowl has been nearly overshadowed by the highly publicized commercial reunion of the three “dads” from the 90s classic Full House. It’s a shame that the uniting force for the comedic trio is Dannon’s Oikos Greek Yogurt, which employs John Stamos as a spokesperson. The Pantheon of Greek Yogurt Gods

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