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Just Because the Weather’s Getting Cold, Doesn’t Mean You Have To!

Wednesday, Jan 22, 2014   Dr. Neal Barnard   other


Dr. Barnard's tips for preventing a cold

You hear it everywhere you go—a sniffle on the train or a cough in the grocery store. Cold and flu season is upon us, but that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to spend the next several months with a runny nose, nursing a low-grade fever. A healthful diet and a few smart habits can keep you from frequenting the pharmacy this winter.

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The First Lady Can Turn this Milestone into Motivation

Friday, Jan 17, 2014   Dr. Neal Barnard   school lunch, children's health


This week, Michelle Obama celebrates her 50th birthday. While we honor the occasion and also congratulate her on years of hard work with the Let’s Move campaign, news of her big day comes alongside news regarding diminished school lunch standards and reports of junk-food marketing in schools.

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Guiding the Dietary Guidelines for 2015: It’s People.

Tuesday, Jan 14, 2014   Dr. Neal Barnard   government and food policy


Here is a special guest blog post from Susan Levin, M.S., R.D., C.S.S.D., the Physicians Committee’s director of nutrition education, discussing her experience this week at the 2015 Dietary Guidelines hearing:

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