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There Is No “Mad Kale” Disease

Wednesday, Apr 25, 2012   Dr. Neal Barnard   animal products


Is beef safe? That’s the question Americans are asking again after a new case of mad cow disease was confirmed in the United States this week. The answer is clearly no, beef is not safe. But the threat of mad cow disease isn’t the only reason. Not by a long shot.There is no mad kale disease

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Chicken Should Carry Feces Warning Label

Tuesday, Apr 17, 2012   Dr. Neal Barnard  


Buy a chicken from any grocery store in America and you are likely to get more than you bargained for. Feces taint one in every two supermarket chickens, according to testing recently conducted by an independent laboratory at PCRM’s request.Grocery store chicken

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Pink Slime Aside, Meat is Not Safe

Tuesday, Apr 03, 2012   Dr. Neal Barnard  


The recent uproar over “lean beef trimmings”—also known as “pink slime”—has led the maker of this ammonia-treated meat to suspend operations at all but one plant. Beef Products, Inc., acknowledged that the company has taken a huge hit since social media exploded with concerns about this disturbingly unhealthful, chemically-treated substance going into school lunch lines. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is considering removing pink slime from schools, and fast-food companies have even taken the slime out of their burger recipes.

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