Veggie Caucus on Capitol Hill

The Physicians Committee

Veggie Caucus on Capitol Hill

The Veggie Caucus is made up of more than 100 congressional staff members dedicated to promoting healthier eating. Veggie Caucus events on Capitol Hill are for anyone interested in vegetarian and vegan diets.


Left to right: Dr. Neal Barnard, Kathy Freston, Marilu Henner, and James Costa

Through events, regular e-mails to Congress, and handy publications, the Physicians Committee hopes to raise awareness of the health benefits of plant-based diets among Hill staff. This outreach helps staffers take our plant-based message back to their work on relevant legislation such as the Farm Bill, the Child Nutrition Act, and many other nutrition-oriented bills.

Capitol Hill Events by the Physicians Committee

The Physicians Committee has supported the growth of the Veggie Caucus over many years. At our Capitol Hill events, the Physicians Committee gives staffers our Healthy on the Hill brochure, which lists restaurants on the Hill offering vegetarian options. You can read about some of the recent events below.


Left to right: Dr. Neal Barnard, Daba Modibo Keita, Kate Ziegler, Chuck Carroll, and Brendan Brazier


For more information on the Veggie Caucus or how you can get involved, please contact