Citizen Action Kit: Speak Up and Change the World

The Physicians Committee

Citizen Action Kit

Speak Up and Change the World

An elderly chimpanzee spends another decade alone in a small laboratory cage.

A scientist needs funding to develop alternatives to animal experiments.

A student is trying to convince her school cafeteria to offer healthy, vegetarian foods.

Their voices may not be represented in Congress now, but you could change that. You can help us shape federal policies that will influence research and nutrition issues for decades to come.

Becoming a citizen lobbyist is easy. By following our simple guides, your opinions will be heard.

Whether it's promoting modern medical techniques that are more ethical and more effective than animal tests, or increasing access to plant-based meals, you can be an effective voice for change.

The notes below are written for people living in the United States. However, similar steps apply if you live in another country. It always pays to let your elected officials know how you feel.