Use these resources whenever you need to give your diet a kickstart!


Kickstart iPhone App

The Kickstart app includes all of the recipes in the original Kickstart meal plan and does not necessarily correspond with the online Kickstart schedule. Download the Kickstart iPhone app today!

Nutrition Resources


Learn more about the nutritional benefits of a plant-based diet by exploring our fact sheets and frequently asked questions.

Vegan Kickstart Plus



This program offers 12 monthly support messages, including videos featuring Neal Barnard, M.D., and step-by-step cooking videos.

21 Day Weight Loss Kickstart Book


Dr. Barnard’s book expands on our popular online program you’re already doing! Purchase the 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart book at the Physicians Committee Marketplace.


Questions about the Kickstart?


We’ve got answers at the Kickstart FAQ. Find out how to sign up, when you can start, and what to do once it’s all over.


Meal Planning

Let’s plan a healthy diet. You can choose the foods to include in your routine, and we’ll make it easy by giving you suggestions.

  • Recipe of the Week: Sign up now to receive weekly recipes featuring detailed instructions and ingredient lists.
  • Healthy Snacks for Kids: Whether eaten on the go or at home after school, healthy snacks are easy and quick to put together and eat, and offer important nutrients and energy in each delicious bite. Get some new snack ideas.
General Nutrition Resources
  • Learn more about the work the Physicians Committee is doing.
  • Healthy Families: The road to lifelong good health starts in the womb and continues through young adulthood with healthy eating. Kickstart coaches and authors give guidance on each phase.
  • Kickstart Your Community: Many of our Kickstart alumni are taking their enthusiasm about the Kickstart to their community. Find ideas on how you can share this approach with your family and friends.