Nutrition Tips from Dr. Breeze Harper from the Sistah Vegan Project

Congratulations on reaching the end of week one! Just two weeks to go! Think of this time as your body’s two-week vacation from unhealthful foods. With all of the fiber you’re eating over these two weeks, you won’t even remember what it feels like to be sluggish and uninspired! Want to prepare for the upcoming week?

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Welcome Vice President Jonathan Nez of the Navajo Nation and the Diné Power Plate Healthy Eating Challenge Participants from Window Rock, Arizona!

Today's Meal Plan:

A Message from Breeze Harper, Ph.D.


Throw fresh kale, fresh turmeric root, and fresh ginger root into your daily morning vegan smoothie for natural anti-inflammatory remedy against joint pain.
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GEICO Employees Improve Health Dramatically with Low-Fat Vegetarian Diet

Susan Says:

Why don’t we count calories in the Kickstart? Because fiber fills us up! Even though it might feel like you are eating more at first, by eating low-fat, high-fiber foods, your appetite will be satisfied with fewer calories.