Dr. McDougall and Lani Muelrath on the Benefits of Healthy Living

You're almost there! You are truly an inspiration! Here’s a tip for grocery store adventures: Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Grab some fruit and eat it before you walk in the store. Not only will you spend less money, you will stick to your list and buy healthier foods.

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Welcome Vice President Jonathan Nez of the Navajo Nation and the Diné Power Plate Healthy Eating Challenge Participants from Window Rock, Arizona!

Today's Meal Plan:

Message from Dr. McDougall


Constipation. Reflux disease. Colon cancer. Millions of people suffer from these and other nagging digestive disorders and other debilitating diseases. Sulfurs in meats and dairy can cause bad breath. Dairy products increase stomach acid and delay ulcer healing. How can you spell relief? Not from a pill or surgery. A low-fat, cholesterol-free, plant-based diet will help you say goodbye to belly and bowel problems - and you'll feel better than ever.

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A Message from Lani Muelrath


Think of the changes you are making as an adventure. An adventure into better health, increased well-being, a clearer head - and a clearer conscience! Truly healthy living is a combination of conscious eating, regular exercise, and good attitude. The food is your foundation: Keep incorporating more healthy choices that support your goals and allow them to crowd out the less desirable. That way, you keep building upon success.

For a few of my nutrition tips, visit my Kickstart page >


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Susan Says:

Jicama tastes like a savory apple. You should be able to find it in your regular supermarket, but if you can’t, check out your local Latin American market.