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weight and maintanance

We have been plant based for 20 years and are very healthy, however , we are getting older. My husband is now 80 years old he is 6.1 and weighs 166 lbs. He eats a large amount of plant based foods and as I said before he is very healthy and active, but has to eat square meals/ day I think he is good, since one loses some weight and fat from the body as we get older,. But our son and his family who do not believe in plant based, but are overweight , in some cases obese and are unhealthy, tell my husband and me that he is underweight and needs to put on weight, I , am a retired Dietitian and RN know what we are doing and follow with a happy heart, Dr. Barnard, Dr. McDougall, Dr. Essylstein and many others.So my question is this: can he tell the family to bug off? We are getting tired of this and they ALL GET THEIR COOKING IDEAS FROM HGTV, my son who is a very highly educated pharmacist does not know anything about food.. So help

Loved ones can be the hardest

Loved ones can be the hardest to help! Try to have open conversations and invite them to understand what you're doing. Maybe they'd be wiling to watch a documentary, try a tasty vegan meal, or read a short article about the benefits of a vegan diet.

Maggie Neola

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