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"reactive hypoglycemia symptoms"

Looking for suggestions, tips, and ideas!
What happens: an hour and a half after a breakfast of steel cut oats, berries, a teaspoon of hemp seeds and a splash of unsweetened soy milk, I get extremely hungry. It's the kind of hungry that feels like "blood sugar dropping too fast" rather than "I actually need more food". If I don't eat, I feel dizzy and shaky.
Blood tests all normal, so I don't use any kind of blood glucose monitor, and my symptoms could be from blood sugar dropping quickly, not that it actually gets too low, clinically. I met with a RD (dietician) who said for this kind of "reactive hypoglycemia" eat every few hours and always pair a source of carbohydrates with protein and fat.
I'm (re)doing the kickstart starting Dec. 1st to try and sail through the holiday season feeling my best.
Thanks so much in advance if anyone has some ideas for me. All the best to you!

Glad to hear you met with a

Glad to hear you met with a dietitian. Keep doing so! Sounds like his/her recommendations will be helpful.

Maggie Neola

Ideas to share

Thank you, Ms. Neola, for your encouragement and kind reply.
While I appreciated the dietician's suggestion to eat every few hours and to have a snack with protein and complex carbohydrates, I was and still am, looking for more ideas. She also added, "That's not normal" in regards to my symptoms, but didn't make any referrals or suggestions. LOL :D
Just in case anyone else is going through this I thought I'd share what has been helping me lately (and see a doctor):
*If you start to experience low blood sugar symptoms that you weren't able to prevent, immediately eat 15 grams of carbohydrates, then follow that with a more substantial snack as quickly as possible.
*Caffeine: quit it or start cutting down. At least have caffeine after a meal, not before.
*Stay hydrated.
*Keep snacks with you, and if you have to eat every hour and a half to two hours, do it.
*No dried fruit.
*No alcohol.
*Eat breakfast within a half hour of waking up.
*Consider adding nopali cactus, and fiber in the form of PG-X or maybe acacia senegal.
...Finally (so far) there's no *one* diet for blood glucose instability problems. You have to customize, finding what works for you, by trial and error.

:) ahimsa

What does Soy and Quinoa do

What does Soy and Quinoa do for you? These are both complete protein sources. Also, Quinoa is a good carb source. I'd add scrambled Tofu and Zucchini (courgette) to your breakfast. Adding beans would also help. Black beans, Adzuki beans or Pinto beans are good. Fruit - I would stick to small amounts of fruit with no added sugar with Chia Seeds and Flax Seeds. You can try making a smoothie with this in Soy or Almond milk.

Snacks - I would carry nuts. Peanut butter on Celery is a good snack too. Also, you can take rice paper and after softening it, add whatever ingredients you want - Precooked: ginger tofu, veggies, rice or Quinoa and roll it up. You can keep this in a cooler on ice and just eat it whenever you need a little something. Bento boxes websites have lots of ideas for on-the-go meals. Nori is easy to use too. You can roll whatever veggies you want with the rice. You can also add hemp seeds, chia seeds or sesame seeds if you want. I would highly recommend seeing if Quinoa works for you as it is a complete protein source that is also high in carbs. Best Wishes!


Thanks, allergicvegan, for the super helpful ideas. I will try them out!

:) ahimsa

Peanut butter mixed with nuts

Peanut butter mixed with nuts gives you fat, some carbs and protein. The rice rollups gives you more carbs. ginger tofu fried in olive oil, gives you the oil and the protein you need. Quinoa would give you more protein and more carbs that you need. I just felt I needed to add an explanation to my above answer. Thanks!


Thanks for that explanation, allergicvegan, I appreciate it! Very helpful and kind of you!

:) ahimsa

No problem. I'm glad to be of

No problem. I'm glad to be of help. :) Best Wishes!

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