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Morning from Ireland

Just signed up and hoping to lose a good bit of weight. Getting ready to start this Wednesday and have been looking at some of the recipes. I'm not very good a following set plans so hoping it has some flexibility for me to do my own thing. I don't like mushrooms or strawberries but all other fruit, veg, grains and pulses are good. I particularly like spelt and quinoa and make a good spelt risotto. I am also the queen of home made soup but usually use home made chicken stock for it so will need to make a good veg stock now. Looking forward to starting.

you can do it!

You can do this. I changed my diet 2 years ago and in the first year, lost over 35 pounds. I had kidney stones and my doctor told me to remove all animal based products and start a plant based diet.. I still ate a little fish and very little dairy. Butter was REALLY hard to give up. You will learn to get creative and a whole new world of recipes and food will be in your life. I still cheat a little once in a while. I have two daughters that are very strict vegan so I started this kick start today to help me do it right. Do you have support at home? Good luck. You can do this!

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