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Blood Sugar All over the Map--WHY???


I was diagnosed with Type ll Diabetes early this month and have been trying to use vegan eating to correct my blood sugars as well as my high cholesterol. Three weeks into it and my glucose readings are still up and down. I try a meal and test 2 hours after. I can eat the same meal and get a normal or an abnormal reading, no idea why.

For example: 1/2 cup cooked steel cut oats with 1/4 cup cooked kidney beans and 1 tsp olive oil. Three days in a row the 2 hour glucose is normal. the next two days it's higher than normal.

Any ideas or input would be much appreciated!!! Thanks!

I feel like a walking science experiment.

Below are a few links to help

Below are a few links to help understand how a plant-based diet can help improve your blood sugars. Two key aspects are favoring high-fiber and low-fat foods like your beans and steel cut oats. However, the olive oil doesn't fit either of those criteria. Check out these links below and see if that helps. It would also be helpful to meet in person with a plant-based dietitian who can assess your overall eating pattern. If you live near Washington D.C., we have an outpatient clinic that can help you with this called Barnard Medical Center ( otherwise you can search for a health care professional on

Hope this helps,
Maggie Neola, RD
Physicians Committee

Maggie Neola

Blood sugar highs are not

Blood sugar highs are not just from food. If I am sick with a cold, my sugars run higher. I read a book that said that getting upset about something or even stubbing your toe can raise your blood sugar. If you do exercise one day and not another, that can also change the results. I am also a type II Diabetic and have sometimes been very surprised about my glucose readings. Also, suppose your fasting is 110 one day and 130 the next. If you eat a meal that raised your blood sugar 40 points, then it will be 150 on one day and 170 the next. I don't test before each meal because I don't have that many strips but it would probably help explain why my sugars don't always come out like I am expecting.

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