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Proteins in kickstart meal plan

I am just wondering if the kickstart menu is monitored in terms of providing enough proteins.
How much of these you have to eat to ensure you get the protein you need.

Today's Meal Plan:
Breakfast: Cinnamon-apple oatmeal
Lunch: Vegan cup of soup (McDougall's or Amy's) with whole-grain bread
Snack: Red or green bell pepper strips
Dinner: Barbecue-Style Portobellos with Quinoa Pilaf (save some for lunch tomorrow)

Each day provides an average

Each day provides an average of 40 grams of protein if you eat the minimum serving size for every meal/snack. Everyone has varying protein and calorie needs, so please modify as needed. As you see in various places, we don't limit serving sizes so if you want to eat a double portion of something you can. One thing to consider is that there are some meals that don't have recipes. For example. you have a number of options for which vegan soup you want for lunch on the day you listed above. Every soup will have varying protein and calorie counts, so just keep that in mind to choose foods in line with your goals. In summary, the program is modifiable and as long as you are choosing low-fat, vegan foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes, you'll be following the major principles of this program for good health!

Maggie Neola, RD
Physicians Committee

Maggie Neola

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