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I do not like this diet

First of all, I have eaten healthy all my life. My husband is from Morocco so we eat a Mediteranean type diet with lots of salads.
Many vegetables.
(We also eat a drop of red meat; fish and chicken but not daily)
Second of all, I am not overweight. But I am prediabetic- A1C is 6.
I am 5'3" and am down to 115 pounds. I used to average 127 before I started this vegan diet. I looked good and felt good at that weight.
I do not want to lose any more weight. I am not more energized. I am tired.
This diet gives me the shakes. What calms me down is nuts and seeds.
I know that you are not supposed to eat much of those but intuitively I see it works for me.

I feel there are too many carbs on this diet.
I have sugar shakes.
I gave up my coffee 2 days ago.
Better but still shaky. And always hungry.

I have IBS. I do not tolerate soy. But eating some because I am hungry. My GI tract hates soy.
Whole wheat makes me tired. I was once tested and told NO grains at all.
I eat bread only once a week on the Sabbath. Home baked whole Spelt flour. I tolerate the spelt well.
I take psyllium every morning. It's great.
In general I also take a daily 2000 iu Vitamin D3 and 300 mg magnesium powder dissolved in water plus probiotic daily.
And organic oatmeal old fashioned or steel cut with cinnamon.
I replaced my beloved cow''s milk with unsweetened almond milk.

yesterday I forgot to take my magnesium.
This morning I woke up with horrific leg cramp on one leg.

I do not like your recipes. I don't eat corn. Too high GI. Also has to be organic or skip.
How many beans can a person eat already? I gave up white potatoes.
I never eat rice. Rice constipates me and I shun rice due to arsenic.
The only rice I occasionally eat is white basmati.
My homeopath says brown rice is TOO hard to digest. 9It also contains higher amounts of arsenic)

My feeling is that the only reason my sugar could be up if from diet would be
-the dairy 1% fat milk I was drinking ( don't eat cheese) and perhaps too many fats (I never fry but my salads and stir fry dishes have olive oil)
OR it may be simply stress, so even on your vegan low fat diet I am stressed so my A1C may not move down.

Not encouraged by this style of eating. Not eating your menu stuff but staying off animal and fats and exercising daily. (I was NOT EATING WHITE SUGAR OR FLOUR)
I have some whole grain rye crackers- they are ok I think. Eating a lot of lettuce based salads; string beans, zuccini, celery, artichoke, tomatoes, carrots, endives, garbanzos, white beans
steamed mushrooms etc
I am willing to stay on for 3 months to see if there is a change in my A1C.
My cholesterol already dropped 40 points. I have high HDL.. Triglycerides still could go lower (which is why I wnet for the low far concept of this diet)

BUT I am not a happy camper and I have not interest to lose any more weight.

I would highly recommend

I would highly recommend seeing a Vegan Dietician. I'm not convinced you are getting enough protein. You do need to eat more nuts and seeds, as this is your main source of protein. I never understood restricting nuts and seeds. They raise good HDL and lower bad LDL. A Vegan dietician can best figure out a diet that works for you, that will keep you full and satisfied. A dietician should be well versed in any diagnosis that a doctor gives you concerning how your body processes fats. Also, a Vegan diet can not reverse Type 1 Diabetes, but has been shown in some people, to reverse Type II Diabetes. The only people who should be lowering nuts and seeds intake is those who have been diagnosed with a specific medical condition that requires an avoidance of nuts and seeds.

A note about Type II Diabetes: A group of researchers found that those who ate many small meals a day, had their blood sugar remain too high. My friend found the same thing, when he tried eating every 2 - 3 hours. Keep in mind that they probably only tested Omni diet.

1. Magnesium Containing Foods:
1 cup of...
Spinach contains 157 mg
Chard contains 154 mg
Almonds contains 80 mg
Pumpkin Seeds contains 92 mg
Black Beans contains 60 mg
Avocado contains 58 mg
Figs contains 50 mg
Banana contains 32 mg

2. There is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. HDL (High-density lipoprotein) is the good kind of cholesterol that we want to have more of. LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) is the bad cholesterol we don't want.

Foods the raise good HDL and lower bad LDL
Avocado has been found to lower LDL, increase HDL. Avocado will also help you stop losing weight.
Chia Seeds - Great in baked goods, smoothies. Often used as an egg substitute.
Nuts - Nuts are not a bad food. They contain good plant sterols that help block absoprtion of bad cholesterol in your body. Also, your body needs good protein sourse. Nuts are a great substitute for Tofu. Quinoa is also a good protein source, but only if your tolerates it. The samponins have to be removed from the Quinoa, as those are not edible. You can research this to see what I mean, and how to do this.

Flaxseeds - Great source of Omega-3 Fatty acids. We need this in our diet.

3. Oatmeal - You might want to head for the Gluten Free Oatmeal to avoid cross-contamination with Wheat.

4. Protein: You definitely need to get more protein in your diet. Quinoa is a complete protein source. Soy is the other complete protein source. However, if you aren't tolerating soy, then you do need to eat the nuts and seeds every day - especially if Quinoa doesn't work for you. Also, legumes are excellent protein sources. This is why seeing a Vegan Dietician is 100% recommended, as they can help you get a good amount of Protein every day, and at every meal. They can work with your Diabetes and Vegan diet to come up with a plan that works for you.

5. IBS, EGID: If rice constipates you, even with the high fiber bean consumption, then I would definitely see a specialist doctor who tests for EE/EGID to rule out EGID reaction to Rice. And, then do as the doctor says, concerning rice.

IBS has been said to be caused by food intolerances. My IBS went away on a healthy, high fiber Vegan diet when I ate the right amount of fats, carbs, protein, veggies and avoided all the foods that triggered IBS. A good elimination diet (that a Vegan dietician walks you through) can help find all the foods that work for you, and the foods that don't. Every body is different, which is why a Vegan dietician is so useful. I had to do trial and error with me. In my case, Banana and Dairy was causing chronic constipation. Dairy also caused bloating in me. I also had to do the diet by myself, as insurance and my dad wouldn't for it, and I couldn't afford to pay for it. I don't recommend this method. Sure, it worked for me, but I think that with a proper dietician, it would have been faster, and healthier earlier. Not all dieticians are created equal. I know of one dietician who is Vegan who I would not recommend! I do not believe in going 100% non-veggie carb free, soy free, quinoa free, all grains free, buckwheat free, free of all legumes. And going low nuts on top of all that! Not even healthy at all! We need some carbs, but it has to be the right amount for how our individual bodies react to carbs. For example, you may do better with less carbs then me. I need to have 6 oz of rice every day, or I get sick. My body can't handle a high protein, low carb diet. I need to keep my own protein intake to around 25 - 30% of my total foods, depending on how much water I drink and whether I'm lifting weights that day or not.

6. The unsweetened Almond Milk - Try Silk brand Unsweetened Almond Milk. It is very nutritious. I would make a smoothie with Almond milk, Spinach, avocado, chia seeds, sunflower seeds (1/4 cup = 128 mg), Broccoli (51 mg of magnesium in 1/2 cup), cashews and Romaine. Adding in blackberries, would give you a good source of antioxidants. Raspberries also work. This smoothie is very healthy, high in magnesium, and helps raise good HDL while fighting bad LDL.

7. Spelt Flour - if you tolerate Spelt flour well, why don't you eat more of it through out the week? I would understand if you were trying to set it apart for Sabbath. However, making Spelt bread for sandwiches would help fill you up. (Kytriya is my Hebraic name.) does have some good Vegan Mediterranean recipes. Just alter it to suit your specific needs in order to avoid foods that you can't eat. is another site with good recipes.

Best Wishes!

Thanks for sharing. It sounds

Thanks for sharing. It sounds like this diet has required some adjustments for you, some of which you are okay with and others not so much. These meal plans are not intended for you to have to follow them 100%. You can modify as needed by using whole grain products or only cooking one of the meals per day if needed for example. As long as you are focused on eating plenty of low-fat, high fiber foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains without any animal products you'll be abiding to the principles. It sounds like you've had some great success already with lower cholesterol, decreasing triglycerides, and a good HDL. I encourage you to stick with it and test your A1c after 3 months. You may need to eat larger portions in order to minimize further weight loss. Nuts and seeds in limited quantities are fine for most people. I hope this change in your eating patterns becomes more pleasurable for you. If you're able to meet with a vegan dietitian for one on one guidance, I think that's a great idea.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Maggie Neola, RD
Physicians Committee

Maggie Neola


I am not following your logic. You state you suffer from IBS yet refuse to eat rice as it has a constipating effect.

@patbro People with food

@patbro People with food intolerances can have constipation or diahrrea as a symptom.

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