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Just wondering

Is this diet the kind you have to stick to exactly as the choices you are given or can you have other snacks such as popsicles?

other snacks

Are popsicles okay to eat?


Hi, I make my own popsicles with those little plastic kid-friendly popsicle makers. I just use regular fruit juice. Each one holds 1/4 cup of juice so you just calculate your carbs based on that. We need to have little treats every once in a while and this is a healthy alternative.


i think popsicles have a lot of sugar. do they make frozen fruitcicles?

You don't have to stick

You don't have to stick exactly to the choices given to you on the plan. Feel free to modify based on the number of people you're feeding, your actual appetite, your schedule, etc. The basic premise is to eliminate all animal products and rather emphasize eating plenty of low-fat, high-fiber plant foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes every day.

Maggie Neola, RD
Physicians Committee

Maggie Neola

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