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Why am I *GAINING* weight on this program??

I am on Day #4. On Day #3 I was one lb. up. Today on Day #4 I'm 2 lbs up. I have had zero oil added. Everything is cooked from scratch. Plenty of fruits, veggies both cooked and raw, and beans/lentils/brown rice/tofu/oatmeal. My plumbing is working fine. No flatulence from the beans, but my stomach is definitely distended and very hard. What am I doing wrong?

gaining weight

When my stomach is distended and hard, with weight gain, I know I am holding fluid and it's usually from salt. When I am careful about not adding salt to my food I don't have this problem and the weight comes down. I don't know if that could be what's wrong for you, but if you are eating salt on your food you might try leaving it off. Also, watch the portions. I know there are articles that say just eat what you want and forget calories, but calories do count. Beans can be really high in calories and some grains, too. Also, I wonder if this gain could be from before, because day 4 means you have barely started. Were you following a vegan diet before Kickstart? Above all, don't be discouraged and give up because it will work itself out. Follow the tips from the experts on this site and your weight will be going down instead of up.

Reversing type 2 diabetes, weight loss and Grains

Just beginning Dr Barnards reversing diabetes diet today. Read an article from another woman on this sites who lost really well and did not eat the grains, which I know can be high in carbohydrates. Now I'm a little afraid to eat my rights host and wild rice. So I thought I'd just have a diet of beans, vegetables and fruits for weight loss. Any advice is appreciated.


That's "RYE TOAST," not "Right Host."

While restricting

While restricting carbohydrates (e.g., grains) in the short run may induce weight loss, it comes with negative consequences in the long run such as increased risk for heart disease. This is because a low carb diet essentially is a high fat, high protein diet which is unhealthful in the long run. In regards to weight loss and an overall healthful diet, including whole grains is important to provide your body with fiber, iron, calcium, zinc, B vitamins, protein, and complex carbohydrates. They also help improve insulin sensitivity according to this study:
All four power plate food groups (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes) are healthful to include and offer different benefits.

The whole grains council website also has a number of research studies on their page. I've not read through all of them, but a fair amount indicate that whole grains can aid in weight management.

Hope this helps,
Maggie Neola, RD
Physicians Committee

Maggie Neola

Weight loss

I've been doing this plant based diet, it's wonderful. However I have been on a plateau for about 30 days. Any ideas?

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