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Being vegan with IBS

I have IBS and have been trying to become vegan. I am having a lot of difficulty with the fiber. Has anyone had experience with this? I'd like to know if I stay with the diet does my body ever adjust to the amount of fiber, or will the IBS mean I will have to abandon being vegan? The bloating is very uncomfortable and so is the big D. I really want to succeed at this and be vegan for life.

Nutrition MD on IBS

Patients suffering from chronic illnesses are wise to consult a physician and work with her or him to find the best treatment approaches. The Nutrition MD Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Nutritional Considerations webpage says that patients suffering from IBS will benefit most from a combination of medical, nutritional, and behavioral approaches such as "Increased insoluble fiber (e.g., bran cereal, whole grain breads): Several studies have revealed that increasing bran fiber intake decreases bloating, constipation, and diarrhea in patients with IBS. . ." Other suggestions are elimination diets, probiotic treatment with Lactobacillus plantarum, Bifidobacterium breve, Streptococcus faecium, & combinations of these with other organisms, and peppermint oil capsules. It might be necessary to try one or more of these nutritional measures under the supervision of your physician to see which treatment is most beneficial to you.

P.S. Nutrition MD is operated by PCRM; information at Nutrition MD is written by Dr. Neal Barnard and members of his team.

peppermint oil capsules

I have used IB Guard peppermint oil capsules successfully to control different symptoms. I get them in Walgreens. They take about a month, but have no side effects. As for fiber, I've introduced more gradually over time, so now have no problems. I also eat a lot of grains and carbs like avocado, winter squash, sweet potatoes which don't effect me. The only thing I need to watch is beans. I need to eat smaller portions or alternate days. Good luck!


Thanks. I have been trying probiotics and I am having better luck with the vegetables and fruit. I don't know if it's the probiotics or the vegan diet that is helping, though. I have less bloating and can handle salads and raw vegetables much better than before. Thank goodness - i think I can remain vegan!!!

Vegan yogurts

Vegan yogurt is hard to find where I live. So far, I've only found one nearby store that carries Silk brand soy yogurt. I bought some & it was delicious. PETA lists lots of other vegan yogurt products that I plan to look for; plus it tells how to make home made yogurt!

If you find that beans,vegetables like cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower, grains, cereals, nuts, seeds, whole-grain breads and many other foods cause gas, Beano tablets may also be helpful.

vegan yogurt

The only vegan yogurt I have found is Silk, too, but it seems like a lot of sugar to me. I am going to try a health food store to see if there are other choices. I have tried to cut sugar out of my diet but love yogurt. I have Beano, but never can remember to take it just before I eat. I think I will try putting it on the dining table to remind me. Probiotics really work, I think. I am taking a 30 million dose daily.

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