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Barbecued Mushrooms

Last night I made the Barbecued Portabello Mushrooms recipe (I started a day late) and I, nor any of my family liked it. As a matter of fact, I ran to the sink and spit it out! I followed the recipe carefully. I did triple it because I wanted enough for the whole family. Did I do something wrong? Has anyone else not liked this recipe? I was so disappointed because it was the first day and I now am wondering what I'm going to do if I have more that I don't like. I ended up eating a bunch of the rice with butter - which is an animal product. What do I do AND how do I give up butter? Is there a substitute?


Really? I loved it. It's on my list for "things to make again", albeit not as high as the achitoke lentil tomato soup- that was phenomenal.

Fleming Island Girl
yeah, I loved it also - I

yeah, I loved it also - I tell you what I have noticed - the taste buds changed. I am willing to bet if you remain on program and try this meal again in 30'll love it.

Bitter Portobellos

Everyone can remember some sort of meal time disaster. It might not be a bad recipe, it might be a bad ingredient. Recently I made a marinara spaghetti sauce using portobello mushrooms. The mushrooms were fresh, but they tasted bitter after being sauteed. I added them to the sauce anyway thinking the tomatoes would dilute their flavor, but instead of simmering in tomato sauce mellowing the mushrooms, they spoiled the spaghetti sauce & turned it bitter.

barbecued mushrooms

I liked the portobellos a lot, but since the sauce is so strong, I think it needs a vegetable in addition to the quinoa. Any suggestions?

Veggies you can add to help

Veggies you can add to help soak up the extra sauce and balance the flavor for you might be cooked cabbage, sauteed leafy greens, corn, or even broccoli and cauliflower. I think any of those would complement the barbecue sauce.

Maggie Neola


I loved it!!

BBQ mushrooms

i've come here after following the 21 days (online version) and posting my own sort of 'report on my findings', and I have to agree. For me it wasn't just these mushrooms, though.
I am glad someone else found them unpalatable. The issue is that if your family won't eat the recipes with you, and you also find them awful, it kind of puts you off following it further.

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