Physicians Providing Less Help with Weight Issues, Compared with a Decade Ago

The Physicians Committee

Physicians Providing Less Help with Weight Issues, Compared with a Decade Ago

January 16, 2013

Physicians are doing less patient counseling for weight problems now than they were a decade ago, according to the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey. Despite increased prevalence of overweight in the United States and a concomitant rise in diabetes, weight counseling was offered in only 6.2 percent of office visits in 2007-2008, down from 7.8 percent of visits in 1995-1996. Previous studies have shown that overweight physicians are particularly reluctant to provide guidance on weight loss for their patients.

PCRM provides posters, booklets, office-based nutrition curricula, books, fact sheets, recipes, and Web links to help physicians and other health care professionals address overweight and other nutrition-related health problems.

Kraschenewski JL, Sciamanna CN, Stuckey HL, et al. A silent response to the obesity epidemic: decline in US physician weight counseling. Med Care. Published ahead of print October 7, 2012

Bleich SN, Bennett WL, Gudzune KA, Cooper LA. Impact of physician BMI on obesity care and beliefs. Obesity. 2012;20:999-1005.

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