Session 7. Weight Loss

The Physicians Committee

Session 7. Weight Loss

Aim: To equip participants with the skills to choose the vegan foods that promote weight loss.


  • Attendance sheet
  • Chapter 7: Weight Loss from Nutrition Education Curriculum DVD
  • AV equipment to show DVD
  • Extension cord
  • Large writing surface and writing tool
  • Paper/pens for group members

Welcome and Introductions:

  • Pass around attendance sheet.
  • Ask participants (one by one) to discuss their successes and challenges of the past week.


DVD (9:43): “Designing a Diet for Maximum Weight Control” from A New Approach to Nutrition for Diabetes: Section A, Segment 3

Lecture and Discussion (15 minutes):

  • Compare calorie content per gram of fat (9 calories) and carbohydrate (4 calories).
  • Explain the benefits of a high-fiber diet. Fiber satisfies the appetite, so you stop eating earlier. Every 14 grams of fiber cuts 10 percent off calorie intake.
  • Importance of eating breakfast for promoting weight loss. (e.g., helps prevent binging later in the day)
  • Give examples of low-fat, vegan diet-friendly breakfast choices.

Practicum (15 minutes): Ask participants to complete Quick Fiber Check (Appendix 6) and discuss the results.

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