Session 3. Vegan Diet Planning

The Physicians Committee

Session 3. Vegan Diet Planning

Aim: To enable participants to plan vegan meals well enough to begin the diet this coming week, and to learn about substitutes for meat and dairy products.


  • Attendance sheet
  • Chapter 3: Vegan Diet Planning from Nutrition Education Curriculum DVD
  • AV equipment to show DVD
  • Extension cord
  • Large writing surface and writing tool
  • Paper/pens for group members

Welcome and Introductions (5 minutes): Thank participants for coming and pass around attendance sheet.


DVD (9:37): “Let’s Go!” from The Power of Food: Session 2

The DVD covers:

  • Keys to weight loss
  • Label-reading
  • Tips for reducing fat
  • Complete nutrition
  • Special notes for people with diabetes

Lecture and Discussion (30 minutes): Ask participants (one by one) to discuss their successes and challenges of the past week and what they will eat this coming week. Allow plenty of time for this important activity. Encourage group members discuss a plan for how they will begin to the diet, and have them be as specific as possible (e.g., go food shopping for diet-friendly foods on certain day, recruit family and friends, be each other’s support outside the weekly sessions, etc.) They may wish to fill out a new Menu Planning Form.

Extra practicum, if you have time (10 minutes):

  • Discuss Appendix 3. Note that dairy products are excluded. Sugars are not excluded, although they are not necessarily healthful.
  • Brainstorm fat-free food preparation techniques (braising, fat-free dressing). Recommend limiting fat to 2-3 grams of per serving and 20-30 grams per day. Distribute handout with a sample day’s menu containing 20-30 grams of fat.

Home Activities (1 minute): Stock up on healthy foods, get rid of temptation and unhealthful foods, and begin the diet 100 percent.

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