Session 18. Cooking Demonstration (Optional)

The Physicians Committee

Session 18. Cooking Demonstration (Optional)

Aim: To enable participants to prepare healthful and appealing low-fat, vegan foods.


  • Attendance sheet
  • Foods and equipment for cooking and food demonstration
    • Copies of the recipe(s)
    • Apron
    • Knives and other cutlery, as appropriate
    • Large bowls
    • Electric skillet, grill, hot plate, or other portable cooking utensil
    • Extension cord
    • Serving spoons
    • Cutting board(s)
    • Table cloths
    • Trays for samples
    • Tongs
    • Trash bags
    • Paper towels
    • Individual serving cups or plates
    • Disposable forks/spoons or toothpicks
    • Paper napkins
    • Ingredients required for the recipe to be demonstrated

Welcome and Introductions:

  • Pass around attendance sheet.
  • Ask participants (one by one) to discuss their successes and challenges of the past week.

Cooking Demonstration (35 minutes):

  • Share the recipe with the participants and do step-by-step cooking demonstration.
  • If a recipe requires substantial cooking time, you may wish to start your cooking demonstration at the beginning of the class, and then have group discussion while the recipe cooks. You can then resume the cooking demonstration later.

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