Session 11. Healthy Eating During Work and Travel

The Physicians Committee

Session 11. Healthy Eating During Work and Travel

Aim: To help participants select healthy vegan foods while at work or traveling.


  • Attendance sheet
  • Chapter 11: Healthy Eating During Work and Travel from Nutrition Education Curriculum DVD
  • AV equipment to show DVD
  • Extension cord
  • Large writing surface and writing tool
  • Paper/pens for group members

Welcome and Introductions:

  • Pass around attendance sheet.
  • Ask participants (one by one) to discuss their successes and challenges of the past week.


DVD (11:12): “Healthy Eating During Work, Travel, and Holidays” from A New Approach to Nutrition for Diabetes: Section A, Segment 6

The DVD covers:

  • The key to healthy eating is to plan ahead. This merits repeating!
  • “International” restaurants (e.g., Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Japanese) often have low-fat vegan choices.
  • Fast-food vegan choices will be found at Subway, Taco Bell, and other restaurants.
  • Hotels can provide microwaves and refrigerators.
  • Some healthy foods go great at work.

Lecture and Discussion: What challenges do you see coming up? How can we solve them?

Practicum, if you have time (10 minutes): Make and/or bring in to show participants some simple foods and snacks that participants can keep with them at their desks at work or while traveling.

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