Basic Principles for All Classes

The Physicians Committee

Basic Principles for All Classes

Best Practices

  • Make a “Thank You Sandwich.” That is, thank participants before each session and again after each session.
  • Remain positive and gentle.
  • Always respect confidentiality.
  • Set aside blame.
  • Turn questions to the group whenever possible.
  • Keep the focus on participants, not on your personal story or outside life.
  • Never make reference to religion or politics or poke fun at a participant, even jokingly.

Typical Sequence for Class Sessions

Participants will appreciate starting on time and cannot exceed the allotted time.

  • Have an attendance sheet ready for participants to allow them to sign in as they arrive.
  • Keep a scale in a private area of the office and encourage participants to weigh themselves before each session, if possible. A staffer may need to assist, and should remain encouraging regarding the results.
  • Welcome the participants and thank them for participating.
  • Invite participants, one by one, to describe their experiences during the previous week, with group problem-solving.
  • Lecture/video
  • Promote discussion and more group problem-solving.
  • Thank participants for coming.

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