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21-Day Vegan Kickstart

Vegetarian Recipes and Recipe of the Week

The Veganizer

See how to change your regular meals into low-fat vegan meals.


If your regular meal is:

Try this meal instead:


Donut, coffee with cream, banana

Cinnamon raisin toast with jam; coffee with non-fat, non-dairy creamer; banana

Cereal with milk, orange juice, strawberries

Cereal with non-fat soy- or rice milk, orange juice, strawberries

Scrambled eggs, home fries, English muffin, sausage, hot tea

Scrambled low-fat tofu, oven-roasted potatoes, English muffin, Gimme Lean™ fat-free sausage, hot tea


Chicken burrito, rice, refried beans

Seasoned tofu and sweet potato burrito with lettuce, tomato, and onion (hold the cheese); rice; vegetarian black beans

Turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and mayo; yogurt; potato chips

Sandwich with hummus or black bean spread, lettuce, and tomato; applesauce; fat-free chips or crackers

Chicken noodle soup, bread, green salad with Russian dressing

Vegetable soup or minestrone, bread, green salad with fat-free dressing or vinegar


Chicken fajita, rice, refried beans, piña colada

Vegetable fajita (no oil), rice, vegetarian black beans, margarita

Hot and sour soup, beef and broccoli, rice

Vegetarian tofu soup, stir-fried Chinese vegetables (hold the oil), broccoli with garlic sauce, lots of rice

Broiled salmon, boiled new potatoes with parmesan cheese, asparagus with hollandaise

Broiled portabella mushrooms, boiled new potatoes with basil and black pepper, asparagus with orange sauce


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