Super Bowl Snacks

The Physicians Committee


Gearing up for the big game this Sunday? We can all win this year by planning a healthful and delicious menu.


Super Bowl Sunday is the country’s second biggest food consumption day behind only Thanksgiving. As the nation’s most talented athletes compete on the field, fast-food companies are working overtime to make sure fans at home are overindulging in buffalo wings, pepperoni pizza, and other high-fat fare.

Game-day gluttony can be deadly:

  • One high-fat meal can increase the risk of a heart attack the same day, according to research.
  • High-stakes sporting events compound heart attack risk, a 2008 study in the New England Journal of Medicine found.
  • High-fat tailgating fare will cause an average fan’s triglycerides (a measure of fat in your bloodstream) to increase 60 percent by halftime and 150 percent before the evening is over. By the end of the game, blood flow to the heart can decrease by more than half.

Fortunately, research shows that veggies are the most popular Super Bowl snacks.


If we pack our plates with plant-based fare, we’ll all have something to cheer about!

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