Food for Life in Indian Country

The Physicians Committee

Part 1: Food for Life in Indian Country

A documentary that explores how health has been lost as diets changed. Meet three people, and their families, who have learned how to eat their way back to good health and vitality.  (24 minutes)


Part 2: How to Use the Power of Your Plate

Diabetes was rare in the past among Native Americans. Modern research supports what Native Ancestors knew: foods that grow in the ground promote wellness and can prevent and treat disease. Learn how to create simple and filling meals. (22 minutes)


Part 3: Cooking Lessons by Chef Lois Ellen Frank Ph.D.

(times vary 8 - 20 minutes)

 Green Chile Enchilda Lasagna 3 Color Coleslaw


Indian No-Fry Bread  Bean Basics (Or, Where Do You Get Your Protein?)


Pinon Chile Beans Blue Corn Mush Pudding with Mixed Berry Compote (Native American Parfait)