Healthy Indian Food and Nutrition

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Use these resources to:

  • Prevent chronic disease, like diabetes and overweight

  • Maintain long-term weight control

  • Try delicious, traditional Indian foods

  • Learn how to use nutrition as medicine

  • Access valuable, free resources in Hindi and English

Healthy Indian Recipes


Don’t miss out on these mouth-watering traditional Indian recipes as well as some of our favorite Western-style recipes.


This helpful recipe resource provides six cholesterol-free, low-fat, and fiber- rich meals for you to try with your family. They are similar to your regular meals, but with a healthful twist. Give these foods a try, and check out your local restaurant for inspiration.

Use this factsheet to learn about why dairy products are harmful to health.


Use this factsheet to learn how to prevent and reverse diabetes with a plant-based diet. And find delicious and healthful traditional and Western-style recipes.


The Ingredient Substitution Chart can be used to find alternatives to meat and dairy products and eggs.


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Have family and friends who speak Hindi?

Here are a few nutrition resources available in India’s national language.



Nutrition resources for physicians

Physician Resources

Are you a health care professional? Click here for scientific evidence and patient education tools.


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Kickstart India Advisory Board Members

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  • Pramod Tripathi, M.B.B.S., Freedom from Diabetes

  • Jayanthy Cuddalore Venkateson, Ph.D. (Yoga), Faculty at Annamalai University