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You are not alone in your plant-based journey. Let’s get inspired by success stories, nutrition experts, and Bollywood stars who also promote a healthful, plant-based diet!  

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Success Stories

Watch people from India share their success in turning their health around with a plant-based diet.

Diabetes: Major Pratap and
Meera Raina

Bulbul Mankani

Weight loss: Madhura Vayal

In 2006, 25-year-old Madhura, who was suffering from obesity, experienced a sudden rise in blood pressure that led to a stroke, leaving her paralyzed on the left side. Doctors had given up hope of a full recovery, but with a few diet modifications and exercise, along with medical treatment, she got back on her feet. After her marriage and two kids, the weight came back, her migraines were excruciating, and she had no energy for running a busy household. At her annual checkup, she was diagnosed with elevated cholesterol levels.

It was a wakeup call, and she was determined to not let history repeat itself. On her husband’s recommendation and after watching the documentary Forks Over Knives, she dropped meat, dairy, oil, and refined sugar from her diet and adopted a 100 percent plant-based lifestyle. Within a month, her energy had increased, she had dropped 8 pounds, her allergies were gone, and her migraines were under control. A year later, she has lost 57 pounds, and all of her health issues are gone.

Weight Loss: Reyna Rupani

 A small listing in a newspaper changed Reyna Rupani’s life. A local organization, SHARAN, was screening a health film followed by a healthy lunch, and because she was suffering from heartburn acidity, she decided to go. The event was a revelation to her.

The food was extremely delicious, and within three days of just eating right, her acidity disappeared! She continued this journey, attending seminars and cooking classes, and within a year, she had lost 17 kilograms! She was full of energy, and many reported that she seemed to look younger. Some even thought that she and her 13-year-old daughter were sisters!

Weight Loss: Smita Bhatt

Smita Bhatt weighed 163 pounds in 2013 and suffered from severe stress and anxiety. In June of 2013, she attended a 21-Day Disease Reversal Program that began her health recovery journey.

With an organic vegan diet and a quiet mind, she learned to listen to her body and to change her lifestyle.

Today, she is thirty pounds lighter, weighing in at 136 pounds. Her skin glows, and she feels full of energy.

She attended the program again in June 2014, and it deepened her understanding of how, by listening to her body, she can be the best doctor for herself.