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Wellness Education in the Workplace

workplace-health-bloodpressureDesignating a “Workplace Wellness Week” can be a great way to encourage employees to take some time out of their busy work lives to check up on their health status and learn about healthy dietary choices.

When employees better understand the basic concepts behind good nutrition and the meaning of the biometrics measurements commonly used to evaluate health, they are more motivated to maintain a healthy diet for the long term, which may ultimately save employers money on health insurance and boost productivity.

Picture: A Physicians Committee staff person takes her blood pressure in a designated wellness cubicle.

At the Physicians Committee, we initiated a month-long employee wellness program that featured a series of half hour long nutrition education lectures conducted by our staff dietitian and other nutrition experts.

The program also offered designated wellness cubicles on each floor in which employees could measure biometrics such as body mass index (BMI) and blood pressure, grab a healthy snack from a fruit bowl, and pick up free gym passes and nutrition and health information.

For each activity they participated in, employees earned points that entered them into a raffle for dinner for two at a local vegan restaurant.

In a follow-up online survey, some of our employees reported making a number of positive changes to their diets after attending the nutrition lectures and learning their biometric numbers, such as cooking with less oil.

Click here to download our Biometrics Screening factsheet and here for other literature to distribute during workplace wellness initiatives.