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Nutrition and Cooking Class Testimonials

The reviews are in! Below is feedback from people who participated in Food for Life classes on nutrition and cooking for cancer prevention and survival.

“Like our instructor Kathy said, “we are all on a journey.” I have been overweight my entire life, and diabetic for 13 years. I thought this would be the hardest diet to ever follow, and turned out it was the easiest. I have lost weight, my blood sugar is normal, and I sleep better and have more energy. The more I learn the less desire I have for meat or dairy. Your health is too important to eat unhealthful—and the food is great! My taste buds have come alive!” –B. Paskiet, Cape Coral, Fla.

“I learned so much from this class and the Kickstart book. I’ve always thought a plant-based diet would be a restrictive, rather boring, unsatisfying way to eat. I’ve been told by dozens of “diet specialists” that I should never eat rice, pasta, beans, bread—all those “fattening” foods! Imagine my surprise when I LOST 7 pounds in 3 weeks while eating delicious, filling, interesting meals!!” –L. Solway, San Diego, Cali.

“I gained 35 pounds the first winter after my Mom passed away. I felt horrible and spent a year trying to get the weight off. Nothing worked and I became even more depressed and an emotional eater. This class opened my eyes about what I was doing to my body. I feel like I am in control of food now, instead of it controlling me.” C. Shackelford, Anchorage, Alas.

“I lost 12 pounds in just five weeks by eating lots of legumes, fruits, vegetables, and grains. I did not starve; I am constantly eating and I am still losing more weight. I feel so much more energized and have no pain, not even menstrual cramps!!! I am so glad I took this class with Kathy.”—R. Burgos, Lancaster, Calif.

“My instructor was knowledgeable and fun. I eat better, read more labels, and understand what I am reading. My lifestyle has changed and I am quick to tell others about the positive effects of eating the right kinds of food on our overall health.”—S. Barosy, Fort Worth, Texas.

“The food was excellent. Never though you could sauté onion without oil. The facts I now know about eating a plant-based diet have changed the way I shop and cook for my family.”—J. Samuelman, Peabody, Mass.

“I learned a lot about nutrition even though I have a Masters of Public Health and have been in the health care field for 40-plus years!” —K. Niepelski, Waterbury, Conn.

“I’ve been ‘feeling’ my way toward a plant-based living for a couple of years. This class was just what I needed to take the ‘action step.’ I feel my life is being transformed- It’s exciting and scary. I’m in it for the long haul!”
—C. Hensley, Anchorage, Ark.

“Wonderfully informative – so nice for young children to learn about eating healthy, and how to decrease risk of cancer.”
—J. Steale, Fort Collins, Colo.

“As a physician, I often recommend diet changes to improve the health of my patients.  This class is informative and fun, and most of all, demonstrates practical and tasty ways to make our diets healthier.  I also appreciate the scientific data that support what’s being taught.  This class has impacted both my personal and professional life.” - C. Lim, San Diego.

“This class has changed my life in a profound way—revolutionized my ideas about nutrition, reduced my waistline, and cut my food budget by 25 percent.  It doesn’t get much better than that!”
- Anna Von Reitz, Big Lake, Alaska.