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Alzheimer's Disease Prevention

Alzheimer’s disease causes a gradual decline in cognitive abilities and is the fastest growing health threat in the United States. Alzheimer’s disease already affects 5 million Americans, a number that is rising day by day. Though it's incurable, research shows that diet and exercise can play crucial roles in Alzheimer’s prevention.

Alzheimer's Prevention Diet

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Alzheimer's Disease Statistics

By age 85, nearly half of all North Americans will be affected by Alzheimer’s disease. The American Academy of Neurology predicts that these rates will triple over the next four decades unless preventive measures are established.

  • This means that the number of people with Alzheimer’s will jump to 13.8 million by 2050.

Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia in the United States, which has a prevalence of about 8 to 10 percent in individuals aged 65 or older, and leads to a relative reduction of multiple neurotransmitters in specific areas of the brain.

Although there is much research to be done on this disease, studies have shown that certain foods are beneficial to the brain and may work as preventive measures. Learn more about the Alzheimer's prevention diet.


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