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Kelly Leishear

Food for Life Instructor

Kelly Leishear

Kelly Leishear is a master certified health coach and professional plant based chef She enjoys working with people of all ages and believes better health is achievable at any age. Kelly has spent two years in a dietetic program, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health & Exercise Science (Syracuse University) and has spent many years as an ACE certified personal trainer and exercise instructor. Additionally, she is a professional plant-based chef and enjoys helping others find easy and delicious ways to incorporate more vegetables (plants) and whole foods into their diets. While Kelly specializes in the areas of nutrition and exercise, she believes in a whole body approach to wellness. By incorporating the Four Pillars of Health (Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition) we integrate the mind-body connection that is crucial to achieving and sustain behavioral change. Kelly provides her clients with education, motivation, support, and trust. Together we discover the roadblocks that are preventing them from achieving optimal health and wellness. She loves to work with clients on taking charge of their health and achieving better health and happiness.

Serving cities and surrounding areas of Delaware and Maryland

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