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FAQ Animal Research and Testing

Frequently Asked Questions: Animal Research and Testing
Frequently asked questions about animal use for scientific experiments, toxicity testing and nonanimal methods are answered here. 2 pages.

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 Problems Associated with Animal Experimentation

Problems Associated with Animal Experimentation
Currently, an estimated 115-127 million animals are used in laboratories. This factsheet gives a detailed overview of the public health implications of using animals to study human diseases. 4 pages.

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Averting drug disasters infographic thumbnail

Download and share an infographic to spread the latest statistics, research, and information on ethical research.

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 Diagram on Commonly Conducted Tests for Pesticides

Diagram on Commonly Conducted Tests For Pesticides
An infographic depicting animal tests conducted for pesticide products, including test descriptions and type of animal used. 2 pages, 11x17.

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 Come Clean

Come Clean
Describes examples of animal tests that are typically done on cosmetic products and their ingredients. 2 pages.

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Animal Experimentation Issues

Ethics in Human Research

Ethics in Science Education