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Why can't I keep the bugs in my gut happy?

I am on day 143 of being a low-fat vegan! I got started with Dr. B's book, The 21 Day Kickstart, and have been healthier and happier ever since...except: I have had three serious bouts of diarrhea, each 4-6 weeks apart. Like I had a stomach flu for 12-24 hours, just torrents of yellowish liquid egressing. In my days of omnivorous eating, I only came down with this sort of ailment once every three years or so. Is there something my new vegan diet is missing that my gut needs? I take a daily B-12 supplement. I eat basically the same foods as my girlfriend and she has not been so afflicted, so I don't think it is environmental, or that our food gets contaminated. The episodes don't coincide with binging on wheat, or soy, or even when we have a fatty food as a treat. Has anyone else noticed an increase in periodic diarrheal attacks since going vegan?

I would recommend speaking

I would recommend speaking with your doctor about this at some point should it continue to be an issue. Your doctor should be able to do a more thorough investigation as to why you may be having these symptoms. The cause may be multifactorial and it sounds like something you've been dealing with for quite some time. I hope it resolves soon!

It may also be helpful to eat foods rich in prebiotics and probiotics to strengthen/add to the good gut bacteria. Here's a good read:

Maggie Neola, RD
Physicians Committee

Maggie Neola

Not quite the same but...

I haven't experienced what you have but I have noticed an increase in bowel movements daily since doing this diet. Most would guess it's from an increase in fiber but I eat the same amount as I did before this diet. I do take probiotics daily. Not sure why???

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