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Dr. Neal Barnard

Does Obama’s “Cancer Moonshot” Miss the Mark?

In his final State of the Union address, President Obama launched a “moonshot” to cure cancer. Today, he took the first step by creating a cancer task force. A serious, concerted effort to conquer cancer is a noble goal. But while the initial plan references breakthrough research, new therapies, and cutting-edge technology, it misses something important: We already have knowledge at our fingertips that can often halt it before it even begins.

Countering Chocolate Milk Concussion Claims

Chocolate milk doesn’t help concussions. But the dairy industry wants you to think it does. So it funded a study on high school football players that’s now being called into question. The university that conducted the study is even saying that people should not rely on results described in its recent new release. Dairy deception like this is nothing new. We’ve been debunking it for more than 20 years.