The Physicians Committee
Remembering Rodney Society Wall of Appreciation

Remembering Rodney Society members generously support the Physicians Committee every month. These gifts are the fuel behind all our lifesaving work to stop animal cruelty in testing and training labs, and promote responsible medicine and healthy living.

We are grateful to the members of the Remembering Rodney Society for their special commitment as monthly donors. Please join this incredible group of donors - Join the Remembering Rodney Society today!

Lisa J - Although I am not vegan I heartily support the love and care of all animals.
Polly H - I love animals. I rescue so I can save lives. We must be their voice.
Heather C - of their dedication to ending the abuse and suffering of animals.
Thomas S - of the outstanding work being done by them for the animals in need. I love critters, especially beagles and beagles are being experimented on in labs and when they are done with them, they are killed. That is horrible and it makes me very mad,
Janet Z - The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. Mahatma Gandhi
Laurissa W - For my health, my kid’s health, the animals, and the environment.
Diane T - of Love of All beings
Jennifer P - I don't trust humans to do the right thing with our animal co-inhabitants in this world.
Renée D -
Noor D -
Victoria S - I can't stand cruelty & suffering.
laura c -
Kit E - They use their passion and skills to make a difference. We must all Be Their Voice.
Kristen I - I believe it is our responsibility to protect and speak for all voicless creatures. Oh, and who doesn't like good science and nutrition being used to improve the health and wellbeing of us all?
Charlotte B - Animals matter, and how we treat them shows who we are.
Alissa K - I believe that all living beings deserve a life outside of laboratories, free of unimaginable (and unnecessary) pain, while treated with respect and compassion, no matter the species and excuses for so-called justification. Equally important, I support PCRM because I also believe that a vegan, plant-based diet is the ultimate key to health, wellness, and the prevention of disease. Thank you for all of your life-saving work.
Ellen C - I support PCRM because their mission reflects my own. To live my life without harm, without torture, rape, and murder. To live my life respecting and honoring all beings. Thank you PCRM for all you do. I wish I could work for and with you towards this goal.
Elizabeth M - You make a difference for every living being on this planet and I am grateful to you for it! You are one of the best organizations in the history of humankind!
Suzanne R - No animal should ever be used for experimentation! We humans are responsible for the loving care of all creatures, not their misuse or destruction!
Robert S -
Yancey H - I believe in their message of health through good nutrition, disease prevention and their mission to alleviate suffering for all of God’s creatures.
Jessica L - it encompasses all the reasons I am vegan--following a healthy diet, trying to prevent chronic disease, saving animals, and protecting the planet.
Merryla F - I am against cruelty in any form and I also believe in the PCRM to end lab tests on the voiceless animals. Moreso, I love their work that brings health through their programs and education about Plant -Based Diet. This Committee is making the world a better place for humans, Mother-Earth and her helpers- the animals. CHEERS MY HEROES!
Brenda B - I can't bear the thought of animals suffering.
Dan & Debi K - the animals need a voice, too!
Patty S - I love animals
Jane K -
mary g - They do important work for God's sentient beings
Rene N - No animal should suffer the consequences of human cruelty or experiment.
Bronwyn H -
Katherine (Kat) C - It is a crime that animals are used in such sadistic ways and saying it is in the name of science. The majority of the time when they are in the labs being tortured, they are also being maimed, jabbed at, and as well as being malnourished and water withheld because of the so called experiments being conducted. It is deplorable and it should be stopped immediately with these animals being adopted out to loving human beings. And after being treated so badly by humans that them trusting again is going to be a miracle but there are good people that could bring them out of that shell and it should be a priority to o so. All I have in my home are rescues and I wouldn’t have it any other way. All animals need love and a good home and if I was able I would make it possible for each and every animal to be happy, well fed and safe home to call theirs for the duration of their lives.
Leah R - non-human animals have the right to live for themselves, not for our use, entertainment, or profit.
Trina B - this is meaningful work and the cessation of abuse to all living beings is essential!
Diego p -
Paul P - respect and love of all animals.
Dr Fred F - They help prevent animal suffering and lives; and promote wellness thru healthy nutrition in humans.
Elvia A - It is inhumane, perverse and heartless to torture living creatures under the flag of science.
MARY F - I love dogs and can't stand to see them mistreated.
Cathy B -
Cheryl M - The work they do on behalf of all of God's creation is so very important to me. A whole food plant-based diet is of utmost importance to me and I feel PCRM are on the forefront of encouraging many to adopt this lifestyle.
Steve and Ann B - We love animals, especially dogs
Mary-Beth C - I am a nurse practitioner and understand that animals have no place in medicine. And that until every being is free, no one will truly be free. Thank you for the work you're doing in the world.
Cory C - The killing of an animals for pleasure is the truth behind meat eating. A whole Foods Plant Based Diet is best for the individual, the animals and the planet. Regarding pharmaceutical and other medical device testing, if we had a healthier population (i.e. more plants and less animals in the diet) there would be less need for therapies for chronic disease and thus less need for animal testing - a win/win scenario.
Katie S - Somebody needs to speak for animals since theirs is a language most humans don’t seem to understand.
Birgitte C - I am a nurse, and I deplore the human arrogance leaving all other creatures at our disposal
Esther S -
Gloria L - Great strides have been made through the work of this committee....
Stella M - I care...
Janice T - I care deeply about the welfare of animals.
Carrie B - I love animals.
LuAnn G - Their work to protect animals from harm is critically important.
Barbara D - At one time I worked as a Post-doc in a lab that used dogs in experiments. At that time I made a commitment to myself that I would never use an animal in any of my future studies. I never have. Once I was an independent investigator and had my own lab all my studies involved only adult men and women. At the same time I started a rescue group on Vashon Island known Island wide as Vashon Island Pet Protectors. From day one we were a truly no-kill rescue. No dog or cat was euthanized except on the advice of a Vet for medical reasons. Anyone interested can go to the VIPP web site and learn more about our group. The little dog in the photo was left at a LA Shelter with the words, "We don't want him anymore." Well, I wanted him and little Socks traveled north to enjoy country living in Washington. Every walk was a new adventure. He never saw a leaf he didn't want to sniff, a puddle he didn't want to wade, or another dog the didn't want to befriend. He left me all too soon after being diagnosed with kidney cancer. Love you, little Socks!
Kevin F - My companion Puppy-Pup changed my life. I am far better and kinder person than I could have ever been until he loved me .
Karen W -
Gloria S - It is the right thing to do for animals. They should be treasured not tormented.
Andrea S - Technology has advanced to the point where using live test subjects should be the thing of the past in many instances. When it's possible, facilities have to be made to change practices.
DeAnne N - I don't believe that any animals should be put through pain and suffering for my benefit. We have too many other options these days to cause unnecessary harm to our four legged co-inhabitants of this earth.
Diane T - I completely believe in what they do! Animal welfare is one of my greatest passions.
Eileen S - my heart breaks for all animals that are mistreated, the word "mistreated" is putting it lightly! I put a picture of Rodney on my refrigerator so that he is a constant reminder of what he and other animals have endured. Thank you for your commitment to these animals, your love for these animals and for fighting as hard as you do to make a difference in how we think of animals, that each and everyone has a right to being treated with love and respect. Thank you again and again!
Gail Ruth G - They Are My Heros’
Renee G - I hope my small contribution will make a difference for animals that have no one to protect them. Perhaps in this way I can add my voice to help those who have no voice.
Balaji - I love animals and was brought up with a respect for all beings on the planet.
Ashley S - I believe in an improved world by way of action.
Renee D - They save the lives of our innocent, giving, loving furry children ❤️
Linda F - I believe people need, and must be educated to the terrible injustice done to sentient beings who are like us in many ways. Animals need what humans need, i.e., to be cared for, loved, and protected. They possess remarkable intelligence beyond our ability to understand. PCRM has been extremely successful in educating medical schools and physicians to the newer technologies that prove more accurate than all those years of suffering inflicted on animals in medical laboratories. And they have accomplished it through kindness and humility. I'm grateful (and quite surprised) by what has been accomplished thus far. I'm proud to be a part of this wonderful organization. Too bad I'm not rich!
Kevin M - their work fills me with hope, inspiration and confidence that together we're moving towards a brighter future for all living beings in this world.
Dianne L - I love animals and want all animals treated with respect and love.
Suzanne H - they fight fiercely for the end of suffering for the voiceless
Victoria B - We humans were given animals to admire, watch, enjoy and love. We have no right to use them for our own selfish purposes, to make them miserable and in some instances, injure or kill them. Animals are a gift and we humans should treat them as such! PCRM protects them for those who cause them harm. If everyone who respects animals would contribute at least $1, we could stop the harming of animals for medical experimentation!
Diana D - I grew up eating meat and dairy products. Most of my life, my health was not very good, because of my food choices. After I began to eat a plant-based diet my health became excellent. I watched a documentary called "Meet your Meat." It was very heartbreaking to see how animals are really treated. A lot of people don't what really goes on behind the scenes. So, I decided to visit a dairy farm in my area. The animals seemed okay, but they really were not, because it isn't natural for an animal to be hooked up to machines. So, I didn't like what I saw. Animals cant speak for themselves, so we need to do what we can to save them from harm. I love all animals and they have a right to be treated with compassion. I believe we can all live on a plant-based diet and to get educated in our universities and medical schools without harming animals. Also, I don't think it is necessary to use animals to experiment on. I absolutely believe any harm we inflict on animals comes back to us in the form of bad health, environmental danger and other undesired issues. We can all live a good life without hurting animals.
Brande B -
April S - I believe in all They do. Animals r such innocent victims.
Kym W -
Jane S - No animal should have to suffer at the hands of vivisectors. We need to move on...
Kam and Randy G - Showing compassion toward animals is critical to prove our civility. Thank you PCRM for all you have done and continue to do to help our voiceless friends.
Gene H - Animals and wildlife need our help more than ever. The current President and his administration are failing to help.
Stacy B - The mission of PCRM aligns with my beliefs and concerns for those sentient beings who cannot speak for themselves.
Noemi V - They promote compassion for animals and act to improve and preserve their welfare which means so much to me. Like them, I dedicated myself to helping animals because there are so many people dedicated to hurting them.
Tere A - PCRM is an educational institution that is winning the war against cruel, useless, and expensive, animal experimentation by educating rather than dictating. It is a double edge sword of good by also helping people lead healthier lives, as well as protecting the environment.
Carolyn L - It disturbs me to know that even one animal suffer is in a lab a farm for any reason and I feel PCRM are putting an end to so much cruelty in this world so I am happy to be a part of that and to attribute to this tremendous endeavor
Tonya D - There has to be VOICES for all of these poor animals being used and abused in the name of science!
Nancy F - Animal testing is cruel, inhumane and often does not render useful information for human beings. Technology is advancing so quickly and many tests and procedures never need to be performed on animals again. Ghandi was correct when he said "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.' May God bless this organization and I am proud to contribute to it's work.
James B - you get results!
Joseph P - I love dogs plain and simple
Anne Marie C -
Lucile W -
Barry S - My wife and I are opposed to any testing done to animals. It's just that simple...
Susan H - I want to end suffering of all animals. This organization is active and successful in doing just that.
Marta H - I support the Physicians Committee because I see no reason, no scientific knowledge, no medical break through that could be worth of subjecting defenseless animals to the unspeakable suffering in laboratory experiments and medical training. Most animals perceive the full horror of what is happening to them - and they did nothing wrong to deserve such treatment. Most animals are really mentally like children. We as a society, must stop torturing animals. Simple as that. For more on my own ethical approach, I would let Professor Gary L Francione speak for me. He is a professor of law at Rutgers University and also a philosopher and an advocate of a completely vegan society. He has a wonderful web site titled Animal Rights - The Abolitionist Approach at I support the Physicians Committee because I find that PCRM is effective in many of its efforts. I am glad that people inside these industries feel the way I do. Physicians have much more credibility. Thank you for the great work you do! "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. " – Gandhi "Humanity's true moral test, its fundamental test, consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals. And in this respect humankind has suffered a fundamental debacle, a debacle so fundamental that all others stem from it.”― Milan Kundera
Marie-Eve T - The PCRM works hard to put an end to violence for all animals, to awaken consciences and to inspire kindness towards animals.
P.J. S - The thought of one of my own dogs being repeatedly operated on & suffering for medical research, or being neglected, deprived, or abused in any way just makes me sick. No animal should suffer to test medicines or treatments, chemicals, cosmetics, nor for human “entertainment”. I want all animal abuse to end as soon as possible.
Andree L - They make a difference from the inside of the research industry. Thank you
Buddy W - Our love for animals. Remembering Buddy
VICKI S - the torture of innocent, unknowing, but loving creatures has gone on for long enough. Dr. Barnard has shown there are better, more efficient and effective alternatives to the use of live animals for research and teaching.
Vena B - I believe that every precious animal deserves a happy loving life the same as any of us do. I would do anything I could to help save these innocent babies from any harm at all
Nancy H - ALL Life matters and we must especially protect sentient feeling life from human exploitation and abuse!
Luanne O - My husband and I have been vegetarians for 15 years and vegans for the last 5 of those 15. As a nurse for 22 years, I was very excited to learn about the work being done by the PCRM. I 100% support them in providing the science behind it all.
Tammy R -
Carol M - PCRM is not only compassionate to animals and active in fighting on their behalf but they are effective in getting results. In addition they have the answer to our nation’s escalating health crisis.
Maggie S - I believe that with all the technology we have that it is no longer necessary to use living beings in torturous and harmful experiments.
Terri C - I believe that animals have the right to live pain free lives and not be subjected to torture by humans for their own means. I support the PCRM research to give validity to a whole foods plant based diet in the scientific and wider community.
Karyn - Every one of us...even the most innocent little guys, deserve to live a beautiful life. I became vegan July 2017 because of this belief and these little guys make it so easy to continue. I do not want another living thing to die because of me. I've learned that there are so many wonderful options you can make without eating or harming animals. I offer my donation In loving memory of Leo who left us too soon....and to my big guy Dakota who looks at me with those big innocent eyes and loves me unconditionally.
Elizabeth M - Abusing animals is just WRONG
Jim N - PCRM and other organizations within the fact-based nutrition community saved my life! At 52, I was told my doctor that if I didn't get my act together, I'd be on diabetes drugs by my next checkup. Just 6 months into whole food, plant based eating, I'm now a model patient rather than a statistic waiting to happen.
Lisa J -
Lisa T - I cannot comprehend how people with so-called good intenycan harm innocent, loving, and gentle creatures. Before subjecting them to experimentation, do it on yourself or another human being and see how they survive this cruelty. SHAME ON YOU!
Jenny B - They are making this planet a better place
Christine M - of Rodney
Beth V - I believe the more we support these kind of things the more can be achieved to rescue and protect innocent lives. I am on a tiny income and support a home and family , money is impossibly tight . I don’t smoke drink or go out socially. I have never in my life had a holiday, but I scrape out a little money to support several animal charities because it feels better than treating myself to something, I really do love all animals with all my heart . If I can do it I’m sure many others can, it’s putting animals before ourself. And yes I am a vegan
Gerri B - It is so disheartening and disturbing beyond words to know that so many animals needlessly suffer in the name of science or medicine. It's even more disheartening and disturbing to know there are human beings who participate in this horror.....without conscience. I don't know how they sleep at night. Thank you Physicians Committee for your work to save these poor animals.
Nanette C - I love all animals, have rescued 6 dogs, a pigeon, a raven and a crow, a baby squirrel that I hand raised and a bat. I know all animals have the same emotions (science is proving these claims) as humans and are helpless and defenseless against ignorant, compassionless, greedy, capitalistic drug companies and research institutions. I would like to see the researchers and their students volunteer in place of animals who have NO CHOICE AND ARE UNABLE TO PROTECT THEMSELVES!
Najat M -
Gretchen P - I want humans to stop exploiting animals as soon as possible, and PCRM is an effective, efficient, strong, pragmatic, tireless proponent of exactly that. I can't thank PCRM enough for its vital work--I'm so grateful it exists and will support it as much and as long as I am able.
Erin K - I am a physician against animal testing in every form. I will not stand bye and allow for the suffering of our fellow sentient beings and I will continue to devote my life's work to this cause. Thank you to all who are working to end these cruel and archaic practices. Onward for the animals!
Jan M - These are the people who represent the world in which I want to live.
Jenni M - The senseless torture of animals MUST come to an end. These so called doctors and scientists who can treat an animal so horribly are absolutely disgusting.
Bettye M -
Alison S - I want to support their work in stopping cruelty to animals.
Mary S - We need to do everything we can to move to a kinder society. Everything we do, every decision we make, has consequences. Adding to the pain and suffering of animals shouldn't be one of them!
Stephany B - animal testing is senseless cruelty...there are so many alternatives available. Let's fight to end it completely!
john o -
Nancy H - All animals matter!!!
Michele S - PCRM works so successfully on many animal rights fronts that I am passionate about. I follow a vegan way of life and I believe that animals are sensitive intelligent beings that deserve the same rights as humans - the right of self-determination, the right to live and eat foods appropriate to their species and to live in joyful abundance - after all, we ALL want the same things from life, don't we? Thank you PCRM for all you do and thank you Dr Barnard for leading the way.
Susan H - All animals deserve to have happy, healthy lives.
Sherry J - No animals should be experimented on ever! This is inhumane treatment and God's creatures deserve better! This is my Sassy Girl and I could not imagine her ever being mistreated for any reason!
Charles S - of shared values of how best to interact with other animals in our world
Fredricka C - The more humans learn to respect non-humans and treat them with kindness, the more we can progress as a species. We are all connected, humans and non-humans, within a sphere of life-it is only a hierarchy in certain minds. When we allow cruelty to animals to be normalized or considered necessary, we are blocking the wisdom and lessons of love we could otherwise have learned from those allowed to suffer. Supporting PCRM is a way for me to help animals on a scale I couldn't do otherwise and it makes me proud to be a (small) part of this important work.
Pauline G - Cruelty is heartless, soulless and end of humanity. We want a compassionate, kind and caring world as our legacy to the future generation. Also, there is an epidemic of Sociopaths in he world, we need to stamp them out.
Denise O - Without animals, my personal landscape would essentially appear as if all color had been removed from life. Emmylou Harris said it simply and said it the best..."Animals make us better human beings." In relation to the more specific PCRM mission, the words of Mahatma Ghandi perfectly exemplify a belief that defines me from the deepest core of my existence. It also continues to exist with an intensity that serves to help guide me throughout life...."The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated." - Mahatma Gandhi
Henry K - Animals are our spiritual mentors. Until humans learn to empathize with and repect all life forms, we will remain an unrealized and failed species. R - I love animals and created a charity group called CAC Pals for Paws,Inc to assist our local shelter with becoming no kill. The more animals we can save, rescue and adopt...the more families will be loved and appreciated. We also assist people with limited budgets to have their pets spayed, neutered and vaccinated, We can grow from city to count in assisting life saving animal support.
Pam R - I love the work Dr. Barnard does both with nutrition and stopping animal cruelty. I know that any amount donated is helping improving conditions for animals....not going in someone's pocket. I never got the correlation of compassionate medicine and torturing animals.
Tara -
Violetta K - I love all animals and want to help to make sure that they do not suffer. I cannot imagine what these poor animals have to go through for no reason.
florence - Thank you for standing up for the animals.
Conchita M - I have seen how noble and genuine animals are. They have a right to live in peace on this earth we share. God gave them to us as companions and He gave us free will but we have not used it properly. One day He will restore things to how they were in the beginning but in the meantime I will support PCRM in the fight to protect all animals. Dr Neal Barnard is a true inspiration to me and I am grateful to him and his team for everything they do and teach me! God bless them all and all of you who are also united in this cause!
Megan - I love the work that Dr. Neal Barnard does for the animals, our health and the planet!
OMANA T - I believe in the cause!
Jennifer P - Animals are to be loved and protected.
Lesly T - Of the education you are delivering to the medical community. I sleep better knowing you are doing all you can do to end animal suffering. Thank you for all you do.
Shelley R - Animals that are used for testing are often hidden from the public, so many people don't know that they're being tortured and abused. These are living creatures who need our protection and love, and PCRM is using the power of group action to shut down these inhumane programs.
Joy S - I love animals and it breaks my heart when they are abused.
Mary U - They make a huge difference in the lives of animals who desperately need someone to speak up for them
Cynthia C - Animals deserve to be treated with kindness and compassion. Animals should never be use as subjects in cruel and unnecessary experiments or research.
Susan L -
Barry and Pamela J - We are strong believers in the rights of all living creatures and feel a responsibility to protect them from those who would take them for granted or do them harm. We feel PCRM is in alignment with our beliefs and has the legitimacy to be listened to and taken seriously by the decision-makers and populous at large. As a physician I understand the importance of scientific method studies to influence opinion in a major way and see that as a priority for PCRM. We're proud to be members and feel that PCRM is a bright light in our world.
Laura G - no animal should ever endure what Rodney had to endure.
Julie and Douglas S - they are so committed to protecting animal life, are incredibly well run, and seem to have limitless energy to devote tenaciously to their mission.
Jaqi G - I believe in their mission. I want to see an end to all animals cruelty and the PCRM works relentlessly to stop the torture of animals in experimental labs and medical training institutions. I think, as Physicians, they believe in the principle of "First, do no harm," and I admire the members of this organization for their integrity.
Lori C - I was involved in using animals many years ago during my MD/Ph.D training. I knew in my heart it was wrong but I let other people convince me that it was a vital part of medical training and research. I regret ever being a part of that and I want to make it possible for young students now to avoid using animals.
Ana - They do too much to stop animal abuse and cruelty in medicine.
Cherre S - My heart breaks at the thought of all the pain and suffering brought on these precious innocent creatures and the agony they must feel of not being able to speak up and defend themselves, it's truely heartbreaking, so I yearn to be a part of their voice. I am so grateful for all the diligent hard work from PCRM and I am thrilled to be involved in this good work. This is a picture of my pet, Snoopy.
Gae M - It gives a voice to those who can not speak for themselves.
Shay W - Animals are not ours to use.
Roberta H - I love animals and want to do what I can to help their lives! Humans are horrendous to animals and whatever I can do to change that, I will!
Lillian - I believe strongly in the important work that is being done by Physicans Committee.
Sherry B - they are the the good guys and we need to support the good guys.
Dr. Valeria N - All my life I've been appalled at the suffering of millions of animals in medical training, laboratories, and other forms of confinement. I deeply admire the work that PCRM carries out to eliminate all animal testing.
Amy B - Animal testing needs to end. I'll do anything I can to make that happen.
Elisha W -
Robyn S -
Susan A - I believe in the extraordinary work they are doing to stop cruelty to animals, to inform and educate the public to help change the treatment of our animal friends and saving lives.
Aimee L - All living beings deserve freedom from suffering.
Jan M -
Mary W - of my love for animals and my belief that they deserve humane, compassionate treatment. We aren't the only ones on this planet.
Amy D - I believe that the work they do is very important, and that animals should never have to endure the pain that these laboratory animals must be feeling on a daily basis.
Melissa - Because it's the best way!
Rebecca R - I love all animals and I have purchased neglected abused horses, dogs and cats, all of whom I have taken care of through the use of veterinarians, and my personal nurturing of them.
Tonya F - I believe that every creature has the right to a healthy and happy life. I am proud to be a supporter of PCRM, and other organizations like them, that work to make this a reality in the world.
Jasmin C - They make a real difference
Elisabeth - Saving the world and all its inhabiting Earthlings is so easy healthy and delicious!!! Simply go vegan!!! It is the cure for the worlds problems!!! PCRM will help you!!! Wish I had known that years ago... but we are so miss informed by our parents, doctors, politicians, dieticians etc... I went vegan for the love of animals and all of the sudden no more iron deficiency, no more skin problems, no more colds, no more feeling cold because the fiber in plants gets burned as heat and not stored as fat in the most unwanted parts of your body, better eyesight, etc.. it has cured friends from Crohn's disease, cancer and so many allergies... And the plant foods are so much tastier, that I am no longer a fussy eater!!! Digestion is also phenomenal!!! My mother went vegan at 80 and got rid of high blood pressure and lots of unwanted weight... so she feels years younger now at 83... Could go on forever....but simply if you go vegan; your strength becomes stronger and your weaknesses weaker!! And you are saving the planet automatically!!! So what's stopping you? Also useful people to research online are: John Robbins, Melanie Joy, Will Tuttle, Dean Ornish, Phillip Wollen. All my very best from London.... Elisabeth PS: my dogs are vegan too.. and thriving!!!! Please research first before you change their diet.... PETA has lots of Infos....
Cyndi P - I believe all animals deserve to live their lives free of pain, abuse and torture. We must speak up and out for them since they cannot do so themselves.
Mariaemanuela C -
Don A - I want to stop cruelty and slaughter of animals. I want to promote their life-saving work to help animals.
Susan R - I believe in what they stand for, and I am committed to being a voice for the voiceless!
Char H - I appreciate PCRM's fight to stop unnecessary suffering to our voiceless precious creatures. Thank you, PCRM!
Inogen M - Animals are in need of protection.
Joyce S - I value all life and I believe we must stand up for those with no voices. PCRM is one of the strongest voices for animals, and also in promoting a plant-based diet.
Lori S - I fully support this cause.
Peter H - For the betterment of animals and humans - at so many levels.
peter c - Saving animals is vital to saving our planet, and the human race.
Dawn S -
Christina R - they have great integrity. I trust Neal Barnard completely and feel everything he's involved in has great purpose. I hope my contribution truly makes a difference in helping you accomplish your goals. Love and Kindness to you all! Thank you for all you do, Christina
Jan J - We need to finally end this torture. This needs to stop. Can't believe we are still living this day and age with these barbaric practices still going on!!!
Ellen P - I believe every animal should be treated as well and loved as much as my two little pups are.
Priscilla S - as a board certified holistic nurse and a board certified rehabilitation nurse their vision, mission and goals for a healthier lifestyle and a humane way of honoring animals is in keeping with mine.
Bunni S - of this sweet girl, my GG. I can't imagine her subjection to the horrors and cruelty other poor creatures must endure until their death. No animal should wake to daily suffering and I pray it is outlawed TODAY. For years, I have kept a picture of Rodney on my refrigerator. I think of him every day.
Sandy P - of my love for animals. As a physician, I have witnessed their suffering firsthand and I have always vowed to do something about it.
Thalia F - this targeted work saves many animals immense suffering.
Niki O -
Carolyn L - I believe no one has a right to experiment, abuse or kill any of gods creatures every animal has a purpose and s right to life
Lisa B - I will ALWAYS be a voice for the innocents who suffer the cruelty and abuse of these human long as I have breath I will speak and I will fight.
Ann -
Merryla - Because they bring awareness to Plant-Based Diet and fight for ethical tests in medical training with no cruelty to animals. They are also dignified and generous with their free 21 day kickstart for newbies with Plant-Based Diet. They are honest and fearless with their cause to teach the public about the false information the Industry and The Ministry of education feeds us such as' dairy is healthy. They encourage Plant-Basec Iet in Schools, hospitals and even in transportation places. The list is long. See it for yourself on their site and check Dr. Neal Barnard, quite a noble dignified and heroic in my eyes anyway. I am privileged to be a part of such an umbrella that is crowned with ethical compassionate Vegan Doctors and Vegan Health Practionners who reduce sicknesses and cruelty to self and the voiceless animals.
Sarah F - No precious being should endure a life of torture, pain and suffering. We have to stand up for the voiceless and defenseless. I'm happy to be a part of a compassionate movement to help spread awareness, educate and spark change in animal cruelty, Much appreciation to those who are brave and speak up for what's right. Sarah Friedenberg
Renee D - Animals are innocent, trusting friends who we betray daily for our own selfish needs. Please love each animal back instead of tearing their hearts out with your betrayal.
Laura H - I care deeply about animal suffering and abuse. I want to help in any way I can to eliminate inhumane treatment of animals and in Rodney's case, laboratory animals. I'll always remember his story and a bumper sticker I once saw that said "Laboratory Animals Never Have a Nice Day."
Dr. Maureen K - I am aware of the many simulated methods available for training in medicine. I also know that in experimental psychology animals are sometimes used in what I consider to be frivolous replications --more to allow academics to retain tenure than to promote any real and useful knowledge. Animals should not suffer because of the laziness or arrogance of doctors--of all kinds.
Alice S - It is important to draw attention to the negative health consequences -- in such a classy, uplifting way -- of the typical diet, while bringing the plight of innocent animals to the forefront of public attention. PCRM has had a profound effect on my life for the better and I wish to express my gratitude.
Fiona B -
Patricia T - of their dedication to eliminating animal exploitation and suffering, as well as promoting healthy vegan diets for everyone.
Tamra O - I am a lifelong animal lover. They have given me unconditional love and companionship and I believe all animals should be loved and respected not tormented, caged and even worse. Animals make this world a much better place for all of us; we need to show our appreciation by doing everything possible to protect them.
Matilde - I would like to give back to animals their dignity and see them living free.
Harla R - Protecting animals...They get the job done
Donna P -
Annette T - I support the Physicians Committee because…furry lives matter.
Sandy H - I absolutely love animals and have been privileged to care for many dogs and cats and truly want all to have a love and honoring filled lives! A few that have touched my heart are Sam, Sandy Boy, Sunshine Shadow, Patches, Bonnie, Cindy, Frisco, Smoky, Tracy, Patti, Chuckles, Cali, Maggi, Nico, Ginger, Chance, Jax and ZuZu!!! Thank you all for the wonderful gifts you gave!!!
Barry S - Animals deserve to be treated with respect, so using them as guinea pigs in medical training and testing is simply wrong. Our lives would diminished without animals.
Merryla F - I support the Physicians Committee because I deeply want to end the cruel testing on animals. Furthermore I appreciate Dr. Barnard and his Team for their generosity for giving us the 21 days about how to become a Vegan,FREE OF CHARGE. Dive in Ladies and gentelman. You will be happy to be part of a group of people who wants to make a difference for a more compassionate and just world towards the voiceless sentient beings. Be Vegan for youuuu/ world hunger/ the Animals/ our water/the rainforest/ wildlife/ world peace and our PLANET.
Annette T - furry lives matter.
Steve C - I am proud to support PCRM as it leads medical practitioners and patients to adopt and demand more ethical and effective practices and treatments in all areas of health maintenance- from research to rehabilitation and everything in between.
Kristina K - Physicians Committee is educating the public to share the planet with animals instead of causing us to suffer. My name is Einstein and my Mom, Kristina is donating to "Remember Rodney" in my name. My mom rescued me. I'm a very intelligent and loving boy. Pigs are the 3rd smartest animal on the planet but Most humans don't seem to care. Most of us live in slaughterhouses until our lives end violently. Please remember that Pigs lives matter too.
Nicole G - Supporting the PCRM is one of the best ways I can help those with more power than I to help those with no power at all.
Patricia D - Je suis contre toutes cruautés envers les animaux du monde.
Gina B - PCRM attacks issues at the core and where it will have the most impact for long term success - government policy. They change hearts and minds with their brilliant marketing strategies, and they truly walk the talk by leaving animals off their plates. I greatly admire how they work tirelessly to save the lives of people and animals, and Dr. Barnard and everyone at PCRM has restored my faith in humanity. They are shining examples of ethics, integrity, and compassion for all living beings.
Mary U - Animals like Rodney should never be forgotten. We are their voices. They should be protected not abused and made to suffer. Thank God for organizations like Physicians Committee who fight to protect them
Valerie N - I am a strong advocate for the rights of animals and I am happy to support PCRM.
Arty B - they have such a heart for animals, they get results, and when you support this group with even a little, those results are MAGNIFIED. I love being part of the PCRM family!
Ruby l - Animals are to protected and cherished not experimented on
Preena Sastra - All lives matter and the brilliant work the PCRM does to save lives. The greatest humans in history have believed that the manner in which a society treats animals is a reflection of its moral fibre. Future generations will judge us for the way we treated animals and our planet.
Maryanne W - Thank you, Dr. Barnard and the amazing staff of PCRM, for your tireless efforts in helping animals. The world is a better place because of you.
Cathy L - there is so much needless suffering of animals in our World. Physicians Committee is doing a wonderful job changing laws and procedures to end the suffering of all Animals. There is still much work to be done and I want to make my contribution to it all.
John K - I am a strong animal advocate and I appreciate all that PCRM does to help animals.
Sondra W - I believe that the human race is in the midst of an evolution that will take us to a new normal when it comes to how we treat the creatures with whom we share this planet.
rebecca p - I believe how we treat animals is a reflection of who we are. If we are loving and giving and kind- we make the world a better place for everyone.
april d - I love animals so much and I am sick and tired of people treating them however way they feel like. there is no excuse for what they do at all. they can find better ways of doing these kinds of things. they just don't feel like it. animals don't deserve to be treated this way. even though they are only just animals they deserve to be treated with respect just like we do. they deserve to be on this earth just as much as people do. what they are doing to them is truly disgusting and it makes me sick. I'm hoping the time will come when all animals one day will be treated with the kind of respect and kindness they deserve and if they are wild animals then left out in the wild where they belong and not in captivity. I just wish everybody felt the same way I do about animals.
Lucy B - PCRM is one of the truly effective animal rights organizations. It has truly make a difference in reducing animal suffering.
Anne B - I believe your organization is a truly phenomenal group in regard to doing your best for animals and for healthy living through education and responsible medicine for people. I'm proud to be your supporter. I'm amazed at the work you have accomplished and the lives you have impacted for their good and for future lives. These are 2 of my fur babies. The cat would not participate in this photo op with the dogs!
Barbara K - of the great work it does for animals, our health, and the planet.
Bonnie T - Just like remembering Laika (the space dog that died in orbit within hours from overheating on Nov 3, 1957), it is important to remember Rodney. The lead Russian scientist admitted much later that there was not enough learned from the experiment to justify killing the dog. Maybe ongoing animal experiments show the same. The ghastly story of Laika is taught to young schoolchildren learning about space, probably de-sensitizing them. Rodney's story is also very tragic. I'm glad that PCRM are keeping Rodney's story alive and working to stop animal experimentation.
Luanne G - ALL lifes matter. They need our voice.
hanan a - i am animal lover
Scott S - To give a powerful voice to those who have none.
Angela P - As a physician deeply committed to the true health and welfare of all, I must!
Michelle H - I love all animals
Shelley M - I would like to help end the pain and misery that animals are often subjected to in laboratories, and in the military setting.
Michelle H - I believe that cruelty-free medicine and technology are viable alternatives to traditional animal testing. I also support animal rescue and know that dogs like Rodney can offer so much to our lives, just like my deaf Great Dane Isak has enriched my life for eleven years.
Kim R -
Dona D - My four rescue dogs bring me such joy and love. They make me want to make a better world for all animals, and not to forget that every day so many animals suffer unimaginable pain at the hands of humans. I hope through many programs like PCRM I can bring awareness of the plight of the innocent to others around me.
Fabienne I - You do a great job ! Every time I remember Rodney and his sufferings I feel like crying. I would like that the fate of our beloved friends all around the planet could improve much more quickly.
Mary B - of the great work they do to educate and to protect animals. We are to protect the least among us and who needs more protection than animals who are not able to speak for themselves.
Philomina R -
Mary D - In memory of our loving, faithful, funny and very brave Dewey. Every dog (and animal) should be as loved and cared for as as he\\\ We miss him every day.
JANE K - You are doing a phenomenal job to stop animal cruelty and to teach a better way of living.
Adolfo de la Parra - I love animals and I believe in the cause of protecting them from human cruelty.
Janice G - PCRM appreciates and respects the lives of other creatures.
Dr Elizabeth M - you understand real medicine, what really works and what really matters in terms of cure and prevention. you also understand how important whole food plant based nutrition is in terms of preventing 5 major cause of disease . I also love your compassion for all living beings. You also understand how animal research is not predictive for human illnesses and how so many more human alternatives exist in 21 century. You are sincere and you know what you are talking about. That's why I support and love you! the story of animals like Rodney is not only heartbreaking but also proves how cruel and unnecessary animal research is. Thanks for all you do!
Sherry B - They are a group that is concerned about our health, our planet and the sentients beings that inhabit it. Adopting a vegan lifestyle is the number one action an individual can take to lessen the suffering of our world.
Gail H - Animals have souls,personality and receive, in many cases, the worst that man can offer. I remember a little black kitten, dead on a side street on a day I was stopped at the intersection. I couldn't help but wonder if it was someones pet or on its own, whether it had ever been held and loved, or just lost and alone. After just a few days, it's body was gone, lost to traffic and the onslaught of rain, washed away, but a little soul I have never forgotten and wondered about. God gives us a duty to care for these creatures who bless our lives with their presence.
Leandro V - All life is valuable. We need to set the example that we must treat all living things with kindness and importance so that we can preserve this earth and keep it a beautiful place for our children and their children.
June D - I believe all creatures have the right to live their lives without suffering the indignities of man made cruelty.
Oleh T - they cruelty for me.
Marie - All lives have meaning.
P J S - This is a sweet young thing that I named Pearl, we adopted her after someone dumped her in the forest when she was pregnant. She cries loudly when we just trim her nails. I cannot imagine her I during multiple surgeries & eventual death as a "lab dog". Horrible!!
cathy r -
Nancy H - Every living creature counts: Every Bright Eye, Waving Tail, Feeling Heart, Whiffling Snout!
Shirley G - I believe our "silent friends" need a voice and PCRM has done a great job in speaking for them and is continuing to do so.
Linda C - Animals are not ours to use. They are here to live, work and love alongside use. They are family.
Seema V - I love dogs and other animals and want to help end the cruelty inflicted upon them.
Grace - you are educating whole generations that torturing our fellow earthlings has no place in responsible medicine.
Jennie R - PCRM is an effective and powerful voice for reducing the suffering of animals used in research labs and for our food, and they are fighting hard for raising consciousness about better, more effective, non-animal alternatives that should be used in research as well as a food system that embraces a plant-based, whole foods, non-animal diet that is far healthiest and best for the environment and the animals.
Alex M - PCRM represents the highest level of committment, professionalism, and integrity in everything that it does. I am incredibly proud to be a part of the hard work they do on the behalf of animals and all of us. It's easy to support PCRM on a monthly basis and I feel good knowing I am doing my part.
Joyce S - They help to better the lives of animals and they promote a healthy lifestyle.
Marianna K - of its efforts to end the use of animals in research laboratories and teaching institutions. Being forced to dissect a pregnant cat and to kill frogs, rats and invertebrates in graduate school creates a strong incentive to help eliminate such senseless animal cruelty.
risa - ends don't justify means and because each animal is an individual with inherent value, dignity, uniqueness, subjectivity, preferences and attachments
Brenda W - You are committed to the welfare of all sentient beings...bless you all!
Helmut and Rosario R - the Remembering Rodney Society, among its other outreach programs, reminds us to be compassionate toward all of God's creation(s). We joined the Society to keep Rodney's memory alive, so that his passing would not have been in vain.
Donna W - They have done so much to help animals suffering in animal testing!
Sandra H - of the great work they do in helping to stop this horrific abuse and to ensure that one day this abuse will end and no dogs will ever have to suffer the way Rodney did.
Kathryn R - I've always hated the REPETITIOUS research that is done on animals in all kinds of labs and schools and I have finally found a group that is dedicated to getting rid of it with sensible, dedicated education to these places. There is really less excuse for continuing this cruelty. God bless PCRM.
Hermann K - they promote a VEGAN LIFESTYLE and fight for ANIMAL-RIGHTS.....
Julie and Doug S - Dr. Barnard is inspiring in his tireless pursuit of what is medically right, and our family value is compassion for all living things. (Eating a vegan diet is even easier - and lighter - when backpacking, an annual family vacation.)
Miriam M - I love animals, especially my own cat "99".
Christie - I believe all animal lives matter.
Mary U - They work to help stop the abuse and cruelty done to animals in the name of science. Their commitment to animals is amazing
James Castelli -
Sylvia S - I have such a deep love for animals and it makes my heart ache to know that these gentle creatures are being hurt.
Pauline D - They have done such great work and continue to do so by their interventions to put an end to those barbaric uses of animals in medical training, which cannot be justified in any regard. They are the best positioned to promote change, as personal witnesses and even participants.
Larsen C - PCRM works to spare animals the pain & cruelty of inhumane practices such as experimentation & factory farming, while promoting a healthier lifestyle for humans by rejecting the food products obtained by these methods. PCRM succeeds & I am proud to support "Remembering Rodney".
Chantal -
Wenchi L - "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." --- Mohandas K. Gandhi
Diana K - As a long-time vegan and opposed to the use and abuse of animals I heartily support PCRM for their advocacy and commitment to the welfare of animals and their promotion of health and a plant-based diet for humans.
Sarah S - No animal anywhere at any time should be used as something to experiment on, it is abuse. I support the Physicians because they are highly educated, intelligent and articulate...which means that they are smart enough to do what needs to be done to protect all animals.
Dominique L - Last night I had a dream... I was looking at the backyard through my bedroom windows... I saw a couple of deer who had never heard of bows and arrows, I saw six turkeys who had never heard of Thanksgiving, I saw a bear who had never heard a gunshot, I saw a few chicken who know nothing of KFC, I saw a dog who doesn't know what a leash is, I saw frogs in the pond who have never met French fries, I saw a steer who has never heard of Filet Mignon, I saw fish who have never seen a hook or a net, I saw chimpanzees who have never seen electrodes, I saw elephants who have never been to the circus, I saw butterflies who have never felt a pin in their backs, I saw little field mice who have never run for days on a tread mill, I saw foxes with their own fur on their own backs, I saw geese who had never heard of Foie gras.... And then my dream ended. I looked at my backyard: There was nobody there. I knew I was awake: I'd awaken to a nightmare...
diane k - im proud to be a sponsor of remembering rodney,because he was such a wonderful strong pup with all the experiences he went through and still wagged that tail.i hope someday we will be free of all animal testing.have fun over the rainbow bridge rodney!
Barbara D - I LOVE all Animals and I believe in the mission of PCRM.
Karen F - I feel it's a good use for my limited dollars to make long term meaningful change for our animal pals.
Beryl A -
Cynthia C - I would like to help countless animals who are abused, neglected and are suffering everyday. By supporting PCRM, I'm giving these animals a chance to live a life free of cruelty and neglect.
Kristen P -
pat m - No other organization is trying to get medical practitioners to adopt the ethical treatment of animals.
Pauline B - There is far too much cruelty in this world - anything we can do to redress the balance towards compassion can not be in vain.
Irmgard H - I deeply believe that we as a society will be judged by the way we treat all animals with whom we share this earth. Our little Australian Terrier was a rescue, who was abused during the first 18 months of his life. We had 14 happy years with us. He left us in October 2015. We miss him every day! The Remembering Rodney Society is a wonderful way to honor all abused animals.
Charles M - I have nothing but contempt and disdain for anyone who mistreats an animal in any manner, whether that animal be wild, domesticated or farm. I suffer a deep sadness whenever I'm confronted with animal abuse or animal cruelty. The inhumanity of mankind toward men and women is is disgusting but the inhumanity of mankind toward innocent animals is abominable an should never be tolerated.
Missie E -
Andree L - Only from within the institution can change be made effectively
Catherine C -
Andree L - I believe that only physicians from within the system can promote changes that benefits all life. Thank you for the dedication to ending suffering.
Laura S - Neil Bernard is a Kick - ass, totally awesome fighter for the animals. He never gave up and has had many victories. I met him in Malibu and BLOWN AWAY by the heroes on his team that are fighting for the animals. In the picture: That's Rocky and Bella perched on the bed, Do you see their mom, Gigi at the window?
luciana - they are supporting a healing and preventive medicine while respecting other lives.
Gail N - As we treat animals we are judged
Linda U - All Beings Matter!
Joann L - all animals deserve our protection and care. No animal should ever know abuse or any form and for any reason.
pamela w - they are a worthy organization who believe in compassionate treatment for all.
Lisa M - I cry almost every day thinking about Rodney - that can NEVER happen to another animal. NEVER!!!!!!!
yvonne k - I am very grateful that you can help where I cannot.......and this is my rescued Maggie Girl that died on 1/15/16. 10 yrs old......
Anonymous - Neal is my hero! 13,000 vegan doctors working tirelessly to create animal abundance! I was born in San Francisco ... my mission is ending animal suffering ... creating peace for all.
Anonymous - I truly believe that if we, as human beings, do not treat animals as creatures worthy of our best care, we are inferior to them and are unconscionably abusive of their trust and vulnerability. In a nutshell, we are immoral and barbarian. We should be sleepless as long as we do not do everything in our power to put an end to such cruelty.
Anonymous - I truly believe that if we, as human beings, do not treat animals as creatures worthy of our best care, we are inferior to them and are unconscionably abusive of their trust and vulnerability. In a nutshell, we are immoral and barbarian. We should be sleepless as long as we do not do everything in our power to put an end to such cruelty.
Anonymous - I used to work in pharmaceutical research as a chemist to help people by finding new medicines, and although I never worked with the animals, I felt horrible about that aspect of the business. I looked the other way just as meat-eaters who love animals look the other way when buying and consuming neatly-packaged meat. I left pharmaceutical research and enjoy a plant-based lifestyle, and now I help people adopt a plant-based lifestyle so they don't need medication. I love animals, and I am happy to support the development of responsible methods that prevent cruelty to animals while allowing science and education to advance. ~Terri
Anonymous - I believe there are other ways to do test and research instead of using animals because it's very dangerous and altogether unnecessary. We have come too far with technology to still be using innocent animals.
Anonymous - When I read what Rodney went through, I was horrified. That was when I decided to join this society.
Anonymous - What a victory for the chimps. Thank you so much for ALL the wonderful work you do.
Anonymous - All animals deserve love and to know life free from cruelty.
Anonymous - Their expertise is critical in convincing agencies and companies to find alternatives for furthering research and training without abusing and killing animals.
Anonymous - I support PCRM because I hope that the progress made in the abolition of vivisection in the US may also affect scientific research in Europe. As an antivivisection activist since the age of 16, I really appreciate the work of PCRM
Anonymous - I believe that health and well being of people and animals is within our personal control, if we are willing to do what it takes! PCRM gives us the education and direction to make this so.
Anonymous -
Anonymous - No animal should be subjected to cruelty for any reason and animal use in research should be to benefit the animal. Animal lives matter. We are stewards of this earth and need to care deeply for all creatures. Thanks Physicians Committee -- you do good work and get results.
Anonymous - We need the rest of the animals (and plants) with us on this planet in order to survive. We should respect animals as feeling individuals and be properly grateful for the benefits we get from them and avoid causing them to suffer any more than we can help.
Anonymous - PCRM is an amazing organization that uses fact-based, ethical research to make incredible improvements the lives of human and nonhuman animals alike. They are helping to heal the world. I'm happy to support that.
Anonymous - We have got to end the suffering. There are so many lives to save that it's overwhelming. PCRM doesn't give up, keeps on trying, and makes a difference every day.
Anonymous - "None of us is free until all of us are free" (MLK).
Anonymous - I want to see our world become healthier, more conscientious and more compassionate. Ending the exploitation of animals only serves to improve ALL our lives, and the lives of future generations.
Anonymous - My partner of over 35 years, Dr. Peter Belinsky, is a Public Health Veterinarian at the RI DEM. When we met, he told me that his class (1970) was the first at the University of Pennsylvania to protest the often unnecessary use of animals in completing a veterinary medicine education. While his class predated the computer age, I credit he and his classmates for paving the way to alternative models. I am very active in the struggle to preserve the well being and welfare of all animals. I recruited vegan students to partner with The Humane League of Boston this past semester for a leafleting event at my college. In addition, I am active in the fight to save our wild horses as they continue to be rounded up and removed from their native lands so that ranchers can fuel the insatiable appetite for beef in the US. My work as a Professor of Digital Media and as a filmmaker provide a forum for the education of those who often turn a blind eye to the plight of animals in labs and those that end up on our plates.
Anonymous - I want to end animal suffering. There are alternatives to using animals in medical research and this organization promotes those alternatives.
Anonymous - Enough is enough. I am tired of animals suffering needlessly and this MUST stop!!! If everyone could just give up going out to lunch once a month, we could really make a difference in saving life's and stopping such cruelty. I cried when I read the story about Rodney and how through all the misery, he remained friendly. I don't know how humans can be so mean but I am proud to be on the TEAM THAT CARES and has COMPASSION!!!!! This is a picture of my beloved Reggie, who was the BEST relationship I ever had with a man!!!
Anonymous - In medical school I resolved that I would never do any experimentation on animals in my medical career. I saw first-hand even then what unnecessary experimentation was, and now it is indefensible with so many alternatives available.
Anonymous - We are all living creatures who feel love and pain...lets make the pain go away for the helpless
Anonymous - of the love each one of my rescue dogs has given me. I believe that we must fight against anyone who misuses or mistreats animals. I will always remember Rodney.
Anonymous - I believe all creatures that are capable of suffering deserve our respect and protection to the best of our capability, that for humans our true test of morality lies in our treatment of our fellow creatures.
Anonymous - Animals are not ours to harm in any way. They are living, sentient creatures who cannot speak for themselves. Hurting them is the same as hurting an human baby.
Anonymous - ...future humans will have learned then what we need to know now.
Anonymous - The question is not, "Can they reason?" nor, "Can they talk?" but rather, "Can they suffer?" ~Jeremy Bentham
Anonymous - It breaks my heart to see all the various precious animals used for horrible testing... we are not ANIMALS and I do not see how animal testing helps humans.
Anonymous - As a vegan animal rights activist I want to help every organization who is also committed to helping the animals. First on my list of organizations to thank and support is the PCRM for their commitment to the animals, and for promoting health and well being with factual relevant information, as well as their steadfast commitment to the Hippocratic Oath. Thank you PCRM for helping end the suffering of animals in needless research facilities, and promoting healing through dietary change.
Anonymous - They are creating a new paradigm for how we treat animals in our society, one step at a time, and with great skill and persistence.
Anonymous - From a child I abhorred cruelty to all creatures and have Always been against experiments and training on any animal. It's sadistic cruelty, and it's far past the time it was against the law.
Anonymous - Animals should never be used and abused. No good has ever come to a human by experimenting on animals. There are better ways that actually work thanks to The Physicians Committee. Im pleased to help and spread the word.
Anonymous - It's not a good idea to publish why I support all animal-rights causes (quite a few). I favor those who are militant in their response to the abuse of a defenseless soul. I cannot tolerate them.
Anonymous - I hope that some day vivisection will be a thing of the past.
Anonymous - We were not put here to abuse God's creatures but to take care of them. We need to be their voice.
Anonymous - Animals must be spared this needless suffering
Anonymous - I cannot see animals suffer in the name of medicine when more effective alternatives are available.
Anonymous - No animal should be made to suffer at the hands of a human, not for any reason. Especially our canine and feline domesticated animals.
Anonymous - I am pleased to see concern for animal welfare in the medical industry.
Anonymous - Animals deserve respect and love--
Anonymous - Saving our precious animals is the most important thing I can do. They can't speak for themselves, so someone must speak on tier behalf. God bless the work this organization does.
Dr. Virginia S - The cruelty and torture is not justified under any circumstances, for any living being. Nature has endowed us with resources to live healthily without any form of life to be controlled as a research subject under the pretext of the supposed quality and safety to humans..... Let us be responsible and give way to other forms of professional training that exist in the world, and learn to respect and live with animal diversity that accompanies us on the planet.
Adrienne M - PCRM does awesome work for the animals, for our health and for the environment. No animal should have to endure what Rodney did!
David C - I have been an advocate for animal welfare for years. I am proud to be part of a medical affiliation that supports humane animal legislation and alternatives to animal experimentation.
Alisyn - No animal should be subjected to - or made to suffer - physical, psychological, or emotional abuse or death in the name of "medicine," "medical research," or for any other purpose. No animal should be bred for the purpose of being made to suffer physical, psychological, or emotional abuse or death in the name of "medicine," "medical research," or for any other purpose.
Shelley W - Because NO animal EVER should be used for testing! Physicians Committee does wonders for our fur families!!!!
Maristella B - I see light at the end of the tunnel. Even if I don't see this day during my lifetime, I am convinced that the day will come when humans will look back in horror to see the atrocities inflicted on so many wonderful beings, all capable of feeling joy, love, pain. There are no words to describe the despair I have lived all my life because of animal cruelty. I remember being a member of several organizations to protect animals since I was 7 years old! These days, nonetheless, I truly feel things are finally changing. The world is evolving. I'm so happy for that! I'm specially excited that there is a PHYSICIANS Committee among the leaders of this revolution. Science can and should be compassionate and they are the best example.
Debbie - The ways that animals are too often abused by barbaric human beings makes me heartsick. Animals are so innocent and trusting. They should be cherished. I am hoping that people will wake up and things will improve.
Debbie - The ways that animals are too often abused by barbaric human beings makes me heartsick. Animals are so innocent and trusting. They should be cherished. I am hoping that people will wake up and things will improve.
Laura (and Lucy) - Be the change that you wish to see in the world... <3
Linda - I believe all lives have value and that the health of people does not need to come at the expense of animals
Justin D -
Marda D - My dad was a doctor and I obviously had no idea how experiments were done during my childhood. However, at the age of 13, my parents took me to Europe for a very special holiday. We were walking through the streets of Vienna when into the back of a butcher's van. That was the end of my eating eat. No one had ever told me where meat came from or what "medical" and other experiments on animals experiments where from. I lapsed after a couple of years and then started back on the path at the age of 20. I find it utterly horrific that "scientists" can do anything to harm other sentient beings, especially in these times when so many non invasive and technological innovations are widely - very - available. There is can no longer be any excuses to murder the Rodneys are available. Maybe my special relationship with Rodney probably because my father did murder so many Rodneys. Consider my involvement as penance for their souls. My photograph depicts the saying "of Unsuccessfully trying to herd cats: They did however teach me to love what we now term companion animals which put me on the path. Please keep doing your incredibly work for all Rodneys who are tortured, both psychological and physically, one any one day. And even better, you can tackle these fiends on their own terrains. I salute you.
Sue C - It works to end the use of animals in medical training, and promotes a healthy vegan diet.
Deborah C - We can and should do better for the animals and be an example for the future generations to follow.
Pam G - Animals should not be subjected to pain and suffering. I have horrible memories of my lab days in college where we had to experiment on live rabbits and frogs. I am so glad that this practice is being stopped.
Joelle P - Animals need a voice like PCRM
Lisa C - Of their effective approach to changing the perspective of medicine's dependence on animal researches' efficacy and humanity
Cathy S - We could not save her
Holly S - The most important human quality to cultivate is compassion, this quality holds the key to all human happiness and a hopeful future for our planet. I support The Physicians Committee because it takes a firm stand that compassion needs to guide all scientific inquiry. I agree completely, there are no true gains in human knowledge without compassion.
Betsy L - It is no longer necessary to torture animals to do human experimentation. There are better, more humane ways than to subjugate living creatures to pain and agony. Please DO NOT USE LIVE ANIMALS IN YOUR EXPERIMENTATION.
Joyce W - All beings deserve to live a happy life without pain and in their own environment.
Elyse G - They take pro active steps to make animals visible and safe, to accomplish true humane stewardship of God's creation. I am very happy they exist and I want to help support their work.
Yuko K - your activities are supported by science, facts, and humanity.
Regina C - I'm so grateful for PCRM and their efforts to raise awareness about animal welfare. We need their voice and advocacy to help end cruelty to animals. In memory of Rodney & Queenie and the countless other animals who suffered - may they R.I.P.
Nicole M - For Shoji. “Vivisection is the blackest of all the black crimes that man is at present committing against God and his animal creations.” ~Gandhi
Joanne P - I want to make a difference and support people who will help save animals. Animals are beautiful, important beings of the planet and have just as much right to live a pain-free, happy life as we do.
Courtney H - My dogs mean the world to me, they give me the happiness to go on everyday. I wish to speak up for the animals who don't have that one person to love them, in hopes that one day they can all be saved.
Patricia P - I love the Cowprint Cowgirls
Howard D -
Melissa M - I believe that the way we choose to treat the vulnerable says everything about our individual character.
Lynn W - They are compassionate and inspirational and put love out into the universe. We need more of that!
Debra S - I thank you for all the hard work you are doing!
Rayann - Animals don't have a voice of their own....someone needs to speak on their behalf.
Ellen C - All animals matter.
David D - God gave us dominion over animals in the same way that he gave parents dominion over their children: not to harm, abuse, or torture them; but to love, cherish, and care for them. Animals, like children, are the innocent of this world, and it is our charge as humane beings to insure their safety and well being.
Kerry B - they really make a difference to the quality of so many animals lives. I am vegan for compassionate and environmental reasons, and am proud to support PCRM.
Kathleen S - I can't stand to see animals suffer! They are the innocent victims at the hands of careless and/or cruel humans! From factory farming, to animal skins, and circus exploration, to lab experiments, animal abuse and destroying their environment. . . it's all unacceptable in my opinion.
Elyse G - I long for man's stewardship of God's creation to be a compassionate one, and PCRM is great at taking action to bring that into being. It is money well spent.
Stephen S - of their commitment to promote health and the reduction of disease through a plant based diet and healthy lifestyle. Also preservation of our environment by reducing the use animals for food and for eliminating the use of animals in research
Elizabeth A - its goals are my goals, and I am constantly impressed by the PCRM's campaigns and strategies.
Leslie H - No animal should suffer in the name of science or education, particularly when superior alternatives exist.
Rosemary P - I believe all creatures should be free from suffering and the causes of suffering.
Dagna - We need compassion in our hearts to act for all beings who cannot speak for themselves
Anne N - I adpted Topher from a kill shelter in west Virginia 8 years ago. I am committed to saving animals and to stop animal cruelty.
Linda J - they do tremendous work on behalf of suffering animals used in outmoded testing methods. God Bless Rodney. I can't even imagine the suffering this poor dog had to endure~
June A - they advocate animals' rights. Animals are innocent beings on this earth and deserve to be treated with respect and love.
J. Greg R - They protect animals from very cruel, unnecessary, outdated tests by providing the evidence of superior humane technologies. They stand for ethical research and promote healthy Vegan eating and way of life.
Denise S - I cherish the opportunity to support the welfare of animals as a physician.
Mary M - I love animals--all animals--and believe they should be treated with compassion, dignity, and respect in their own right. I don't believe they have been put on this earth for us to use and abuse. PCRM's values fit with mine, and they do the hard work to do what I can't. What would the animals do without them? What would we do?
Lesly T - For the great work you do in educating people that using animals is not ethical or the best science. all animals should be valued as much as I value and love my dogs.
Mary Kay B - it is important that ALL men/women in ALL professions respect the spirit and souls of animals. It is appalling arrogance to assume that animals are ours to use. PCRM is at the forefront of great changes.
Esther O - I appreciate all the work you do on many fronts, which helps both animals and people. I have always loved animals and am pleased to be associated with an organization that shares by values.
pat m - It has a conscience that is in accord with mine.
Angela K - we need to encourage compassion to all sentient beings and help raise consciousness in others to understand how animals have rights and needs. To be silent when animals are suffering is to be complicit in the many inhumane acts that are inflicted on them.
Jude R - I'm a retired nurse who believes that the lives of all sentient beings are precious. PCRM puts the principles of loving kindness and compassion into action. All of our beloved critter children in this realm and the next support and bless you in your efforts to save the dear Rodneys of this world.
Deborah B - I believe all beings should live free. I believe humans can live longer and better with a plant based diet. Lastly, Mother Earth needs our help and eliminating animal products from our diet will start to help her heal.
Frances (Fran) K - Saving all animals from pain and torture is a passion of mine after rescuing Eng Setters and transporting a number of other dog breeds. I've always loved the earth and its creatures and really began involved about 20 years ago when My husband retired and II was more free, too. May the Creator bless all of you.
Michele K - My first beagle, Thomas a Becket, was a laboratory research dog for most of his life. I saw the effects it had on him. I was able to bring him to happiness eventually in my home, but it was a long process and he was forever affected negatively by having been a prisoner of a laboratory for all those years. I was against animal testing before meeting Tom, but have ever since become more solidly convinced that it is a dreadful thing to use anyone for experimentation without his/her consent. I hope there will come a day when such primitive methods are completely eliminated from our practices.
Adam L -
Laura G - I love animals and can´t stand by while someone is hurting them.
Dr. Pamela - My love of and respect for animals is an outlook on life shaped so early and running so deep that it resonates with the core of my being and it is not extravagant to say that it characterizes a good deal of my personality. I am very pleased with the philosophy, policies and procedures of PCRM and am in consensus with everything they try to accomplish.
Audra G - I believe that kindness and compassion need to be encouraged!
Christie L - people's lives matter and so do animal lives.
Tammy N - both of our girls, Lola our bunny and Nala our guinea pig, are rescues and I could not imagine my life without them! They have been a blessing to us, so I guess you could ask who rescued who? PCRM does so much to save many like our girls and that is my reason for supporting for so very long! Keep it up! Thank you for changing many animals' lives.
Rona K - Grateful for Dr. Neal Barnard and those at PCRM for advocating tirelessly to educate and promote the health benefits of a plant-based diet and to end cruel and unnecessary animal research and suffering! As a vegan member of the Remembering Rodney Society, I appreciatively support that as well as ALL missions of PCRM! My heartfelt, immense thanks!!!
Joy S -
Dona D - Of the work they do to save animals and their commitment to compassion. That is what it is all about for me.
Marion B - "my goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks that I am" :-)
Karen - I care and so does Harry. Solidarity for all the Rodneys.
Marlene W - I love all animals and their vision for the world is the same as mine.
Cynthia M - There is no excuse for animal cruelty. Our job on this planet is to heal, to help, and to treat others, including animals, with the respect and kindness which we wish for ourselves.
Michael S - PCRM gives me hope that the passion I have for animals will be supported after I am no longer here.
Suzie M - they support and promote the research proving that animal testing is inane, cruel and unnecessary and their research proves that we are what we eat or not eat.
Cristina Z - You care about animals and their unjustified suffering in the name of a "noble cause" - healing humans! This could be done differently, if only people cared enough. You are doing a great job but there is still a lot to be done to convince the humans that they really must behave like humans. Thanks for everything you are doing!
Charles H - PCRM helps both people and animals.
Dominique L - I love animals and when they suffer, I suffer too ... I also believe in "first, do no harm" and I think PCRM is doing so much good work to stop the carnage...
Sarah S - PCRM advocates for stopping animals misused in 'research by humans. I care deeply that animals stop being harmed unnecessarily by humans and I believe that students being encouraged to dissociate animal suffering will make poor doctors. Animals experience pain and suffering and don't belong in most research situations. The results are human applicable, there are better models, and cruelty to animals disguised and learning and research erodes our humanity.
Alice J - i think that I have been a member since It was first created.
Robert G - Animals are living creatures that are on this earth to live not be used in experiments. They are a lot like us except for the fact they cannot speak or be heard when they are suffering. Also a good diet , vegan, of course is very important especially for children. PCRM makes a difference in these things. There is more that they do. That's why I support them now & in the years to come.
Phyllis K - PCRM continues to expose the atrocious experiments done on innocent animals in the name of science when other, more reliable testing means can be used. I admire PCRM for exposing cruel laboratory practices at major American universities and alerting members to contact the university board members to stop these horrible experiments. We must put a stop to the needless and wasteful use of taxpayers' money and leave animals out of laboratories all together. This is the twenty-first century---conduct tests without animals!
Beth J - As a health care provider, I appreciate the need to develop appropriate and useful scientific studies that correlate to human care with a minimum of animal testing. As an animal lover, I'd love to see all animal testing become obsolete.
MaryPatricia I -
Rick B - PCRM works tirelessly to save animals! Thank you!
Janice B - by helping animals, we are also helping people.
Alix M - My purpose at this later part of my life is to do anything and everything I can to reduce suffering of those who have no voice, both animal and human. So I support your organization, which does just that. I took this photo of a rescued elephant at a wonderful elephant sanctuary in the mountains of Northern Thailand. Google Lek Chailert. She is amazing!
Jacob S - I become a vegetarian after seeing the TED lecture from Dr.Neal Barnard... love what you do!
Janine N - Animals should have the same rights as humans!
Cara S - All animals are precious. They are GOD's gift to the world & no human has the right to harm another species.
Pamela H - The work they do is extremely hard and I'm sure rewarding at times. I honor these people and wish that I was more hands on like them. For now, I support monetarily and vocally.
Karen T - To help animals who suffer at the expense of medical experiments for our well- being supposely
Jenny L - Animal based research is cruel, unreliable, and repetitive. I support PCRM's mission to end animal testing and bring light to the public on the health benefits of plantbased diet.
Janell L - of the amazing work they do, in activism and education.
Susan J - I am remembering Plantagenet, who was rescued from a puppy mill, and because I think animal cruelty of any kind should be eliminated completely.,
Pauline V - Laboratory testing on animals is one of the most scary and sad things I can think of in this world- and unnecessary! I love that the Physician's Committee makes it their mission to halt animal testing and Medical School/Military training with animals.
Sam L - Hoping for a day that we all take responsibility for our horrific acts against all animals.
Suzanne W - The torture and cruelty perpetrated on innocent, sentient, intelligent animals is reprehensible. PCRM is and has been at the forefront of organizations working tirelessly to stop this.
Christine M - They do great work to end animal suffering.
Nathan S - Kindness for Animals...
Lucy M - I do everything I can to make to life better for animals in the future and PCRM is one of the best ways to achieve that.
Carol P - I admire the great work that you do and am honored to be able to support such a great society for those that have no voice. Thank you....
Pam E - I firmly believe every single animal on this planet has the right to live their life & to live it free from suffering.
Melissa M - I love what you are doing to help save innocent animals!!! I will continue to support you!! No animal should ever suffer, they should be loved!!!!
Tim C - PCRM promotes compassion and health through science and reason. Like me, PCRM understands that human and non-human species alike have the right to exist and be free from unnecessary pain and fear.
Mary M - Of their ongoing commitment to promote humane treatment of all animals and of their efforts to educate society about a healthier lifestyle through non meat diets and products that are not made by animal testing.
Mary Jo W - I stopped eating animals and any products associated with them for health reasons, and what a remarkable boost to health it has been. My heart also opened to how precious and important are the lives of our fellow earthly travelers, so supporting PCRM is just a natural extension of that.
Karen K - every animal, large and small, deserves respect and compassion, and not exploitation by humans. Here is my rescued Boston terrier, Mack, on his first day home.
Barbara O - They are one of the few physicians groups in the U.S. that are promoting a healthy plant based diet that prevents human and animal suffering and fighting against the use of animals by the medical community. They are not afraid to tell the truth about our diets and the harms it can contribute to. They
Karen E - PCRM is a wonderful organization that has been consistent in the quest to end animal suffering. Dr. Neal Barnard walks his talk and remains tireless in the mission to protect and save animals from the horrendous fate so many of them suffer during their short lives. It is urgent that we support the work of PCRM and not turn our backs on those who cannot speak for themselves. Please join us!
Esther C - Animals and nature are the best parts of my life - and I want all animals to be safe and their lives to be as pain-free as possible.
Connie J - I care about animal welfare and believe the human species is not evolved enough yet to appreciate the pure goodness of all animals.
Linda B - I love animals and hate to see them abused. I'm also a vegan.
Miriam M - I have been against caged animals in medical school labs since I had to walk by the sounds of the tortured dogs when I was in school at University of Louisville, starting in 1980, my Freshman year. I got my physician friends together who helped me mount a campaign against "Dog Labs" and by my Junior year we had a simulator and the doors to "Dog Labs" we opened and the puppies and dogs were free. That started me with PCRM helping to get as many other "Dog Labs" to turn into simulators as possible and my hunger for success began.
Cynthia C - Animals are not here for us to torture and experiment on they are here for us to love
Dr. Pamela L - My love and respect for animals is an outlook shaped so early and running so deep that it resonates with the core of my being and it is not extravagant to say that it characterizes a good deal of my personality. PCRM embodies a philosophy and policies and a degree of moral turpitude with which I am totally in consensus. We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached. Still, despite its awful gaps we would choose to live no other way. Pamela Loren
Joseph Y - They have defended thousands of animals, and educated millions of people to the horrors of animal cruelty and experimentation. They have been at the fore front of these campaigns for years and have been successful in implementing positive change on behalf of our animal friends.
Karen S - they do such critical and necessary work to help all animals!
Beate W - we love life♡
Amie L -
Janine P - Every sentient creature deserves to be free, safe, and happy. Veganism is the healthiest diet for the consumer. It's healthiest for the planet. And it is the gift of life for each and every one of the formerly-eaten, who are now spared.
Marianne W - PCRM is doing a fabulous job helping animals and people and I am excited to help support their mission!
Shrikrishna M - I support their mission to stop all types of cruelty to animals
Margaret D - the organization is committed to improving the lives of people and animals, and what it does also positively affects the environment.
Miriam S - I support the PCR in because they do exceptional work getting medical schools to realize that they should be zero simulators for the animals animals are these used as that's not as a test
Janet Z - The thought of any animal being subjected to testing breaks my heart.
Lu W -
Cornelia D - you are doctors too and your opinions on animal testing in the medical industry carry weight. Thank you so much for everything you do. I am proud to support your work.
Carol Ann H - Just love animals. Rescue them when I can.
Jonna W - of the great work they do against animal testing and spreading the word of a plant-based diet! I had the opportunity to work for a sanctuary that rescued former research animals and the beagle, Ruby, pictured with me was a former research dog and now is in a loving home.
Kathleen K - I am grateful for everything PCRM does to help protect animals. Thank you for caring and for being a voice for the animals!
Kent M - There is nothing more important for the evolution of our planet; concerning human health, enviromental health and animal health, then for ALL humans to adapt a plant only diet and lifestyle.
Seema Z - All animals deserve to be treated with compassion, not with cruelty. And animal rights are just as important as human rights!
Zoe K - I believe in their mission and am proud to contribute to an organization that does so much to promote well-being for both humans and animals
gregory m -
Pat F - I applaud their work on behalf of the animals who otherwise have no voice.
Erika K-F - of their advocacy of both compassionate and preventative medicine.
Bob G - The measure of one's empathy is predicated upon the capacity for a connection to all sentient, innocent creatures.
Beth D - animals deserve to be treated with respect, kindness and love
martha c -
Chino -
Steve J - We need to put an end to all animal testing.
Laura O - Dr Neal Barnard helps me make the case to clients that a vegan diet is not only the moral thing to do, but the best for their health as well.
Robin K - We must continue to work individually and through PCRM to find a better way to improve health care than using animals.
Liat G - Being the voice of non-human animals
Laurie P - Dr. Bernard encourages a plant based lifestyle with factual information.
Karen C - They are trying to stop animal cruelty while helping humanity!
Neerav Tania - Dr Bernard is an inspiration to all. Very few people have committed their lives to the benefit and welfare of both humans and animals.
James C -
Laurel W - I believe that animals are a gift and should be treated with love and respect. Thanks PCRM for saving innocent lives.
Charo B - We must end the unnecessary testing on innocent animals
Melinda - I love all animals and feel blessed that I can do at least a small part to be of some help
Chanelle B - animals have souls.
Shae S - my animal companions are my best friends.
Dr. Eileen B - If we had known about Rodney sooner, we would have brought him home to live with us.
Brenda R - I want to end all animal suffering.
Lynn K - Through loving animals we all learn how to love more…and I’m all for more LOVE!
Chantal D - Pcrm has been presenting sincerity and loyalty to the Earth and the universe.
susan s - “You can judge a man's true character by the way he treats his fellow animals” ~~ Paul McCartney
Diana P - Thank you PC for all you do to stop animal cruelty.
Sandra K - causing harm or suffering of animals is unethical
Jennifer B - All living things deserve to live a happy life!
Jim M - I love animals!
Bruno L -
Dolores M - Animals give us so much and deserve to be treated with dignity.
Patrice T - animals want to live and be happy! Every animal deserves a life free from confinement, suffering, and abuse.
Tania D - these beautiful creatures DESERVE to be treated with respect and love
Elinor V - I can't imagine how any human can look into any animal's eyes and not have compassion for their pain and suffering.
Karina P - Love animals. Want to see happy animals!!!
Kim L - Rodney suffered by the hands of humans, this has got to stop. Animals are a true gift from God.
Molly I - I believe that humans and animals are not so different. Animals have no voice, and we can speak on their behalf. There are better options!
yoke kuang L - the PCRM promotes compassion and is committed to the protection of all animals and safeguarding the health of human beings.
Noelene S - I so admire and agree with their tremendous work and goals,espec as I am a retired nurse - now vegetarian for 44 years!
Kelly K - I appreciate PCRM's commitment to find healthy solutions for people and animals.
Lisa S - Numbers don't lie. Attended a seminar where Dr. Barnard spoke. Statistics show animal testing is ineffective and, of course, cruel.
Suzanne V - it's the right thing to do.
Maryanne W - all living creatures deserve to be treated humanely.
Jennifer T - As a pharmacist and animal lover I feel strongly about supporting PCRM and its efforts to stop animal cruelty like that done to Rodney.
Judith C - PCRM gets results & educates, informs & takes action to change our world for the better both for people & animals
Patricia P - Together, we can effect change by reminding physicians to "first, do no harm," which should, and must, apply to all living creatures.
David - I am proud to be a contributor to PCRM..I am always as a go to site for health and wellness to my clients.
Stephanie L - I had read Rodney's story several years ago. It literally made me bawl my eyes out. The story really had a hard effect on me.
Christine K - Holistic living prevents disease, make doctors and medication unnecessary the best you can.Educate yourself!
Lynn M - they are doing God's work.
Jan P - Animals are God's creatures. I am grateful that PCRM is doing the work it does to protect them and I will always remember Rodney.
Teresa D - I feel that animals are to be loved and cherished, not tested on. In this day and age, animal testing should and could be obsolete.
Deborah L - Testing on animals is cruel and unnecessary. I will always remember Rodney and will always support PCRM.
iris M - This is so wrong. In today's world we don't need these useless tests that are abusing innocent animals, Very sad!
Kirsten B - Coriander and I believe that no animal should be tested on.
D+E H - PCRM is doing an awesome work and is calling all compassionate people to action
Mike A - of their love of all animals including humans.
Renee L - I dream of a cruelty-free world.
rick s - thank you for your work to end experiments on
Debbie G - The Lord Jesus cares for all His creation
Pauline B - I totally abhore cruelty in any form, and animal experimentation is both unnecessary and indefensible
Sherry B - they strive to protect animals and so do I.
Marcia H - I Love animals with all my heart
Dr Sam Lavi - Enough with the disregard to the life of animals
Donna S -
Samuel J -
Janet - Every living being deserves humane treatment.
Betty G - When God gave us dominion over animals, I believe He means for us to take care of them in a responsible manner. PCRM does that.
Peggy P - of Kita and Koko and my lifelong commitment to the animals.
Janice B - of their untiring commitment to helping all animals, including the human ones.
Susan C - Their unwavering commitment to help all beings!
Karen C - They defend the helpless while educating humanity on the useless cruelty and waste of animal testing!
Elizabeth S - they're bold, unafraid, and provide the expertise needed to end this pointless suffering.
Gail L - Thank you to PCRM for your commitment to animals!
Barbara O - I stopped eating animals and using them several years ago and my compassion for all life has grown as a result. I trust PCRM.
Sylvia S - Cruelty to animals breaks my heart. I would do anything to stop it.
Suzanne E - I have a deep love for all animals and will do everything in my power to end their suffering.
Patricia D - I am proud to support an organization like PCRM, which helps defenseless animals. Thank you for your continued work.
Pat B - Thank God for your good works. We are all his children and the furry one are most precious.
Nancy K - you have great success eliminating animal testing
Sally K - I am so grateful for the work that is being done here to protect animals and end their suffering.
Beryl A - I am honored to support PCRM, for all the animals, large and small.
Dr. Anki W - This is the only society of Physicians that dare to take an ethical stand against animal testing. My beloved cat Nimni thanked you!
Sue C - PCRM is doing great work on behalf of animals, and I am honored to support this wonderful organization.
Nancy S - I believe in what you are doing and I love and respect animals of all kind
YOKO Y - all animals deserve a life free from pain and fear.
Anonymous -
Joann R - like all animals, Sambuca is not an inanimate test tube, and they recognize it.
Michele D - They are going to stop all animal research. Can't even think of our Simba being tortured in a lab. Thank you, in the name of compassion.
Cassandra P - PCRM provides support and stands up for animal rights.
Wendy R - Animals are sentient creatures and PCRM stands up for their rights.
Karen K - my beloved Boston terrier Mack, rescued from an Amish puppy mill
Miranda W -
David H - they save animals lives
Carol V -
Adam L - my dog Sophie was the best thing that ever happened to me.
Angie S - it always seems impossible until it's done- Nelson Mandela; my goal, eliminating animals in research, on factory farms etc "until it's done"
Merthyr S - I have had an affinity with animals since I was still in my cot....65 years an animal lover, advocate & protector. Harm NO animal.
Jane R - Our 12 year old shelter dog, Oreo, changed our lives by making us aware of the great need that shelter dogs have.
paula g - I love animals and they should all be treated with respect.
Shirley M - They work successfully to protect animals and inspire us to follow a vegan lifestyle. (She will be released. I'm a rehabber.)
Ana F - They understand the suffering of innocent animals and consider it the same as our own suffering, we both dream of a kinder world for animals
Christine M - She made me see animals in a whole new way. My heart opened when she became part of my family. She is love.
Laura G - I love animals and they protect them.
Nicky B - The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. -Mahatma Gandhi
Rusty M - To many people don't understand that animals have and feel all the emotions and feelings we do. They just don't understand them as we.
Glenda S - in order to be a compassionate person, you have to start with compassion for all creatures.
Barbara D - I love animals
Elizabeth H - fighting cruelty toward other animals is the best thing any of us can do to heal the world.
bob y - we need to start treating all living creatures with respect
Ann G - Animals enrich all of our lives,,,we need to protect them.
David M - “The question is not, Can they reason? nor, Can they talk? But rather, Can they suffer?” - Jeremy Bentham, 19th century Philosopher, Oxford
Maria - This little guy had so much love to give and yet he was left behind simply because he was old and frail. He was our baby and we love him.
Jean H - No animal should ever live a life of pain and fear.
Esther O - it advocates for sensible and healthy diets and the welfare of animals and our world. My shelter cat, Penny, reminds me to be patient & kind
Alexis L - No creature, human or otherwise, deserves to suffer. Physicians and their supporters should be at the forefront of efforts for change.
April S - PCRM fights horrific cruelty and sadism to animals so prevalent in our world.
Lily L - it aims to build a better healthier world sustained without the use or abuse of animals
Ruth M - it just makes me sick that animals are made to suffer for research
Pennie P - How can we not love them back as much as they give to us? They make us better people by showing what unconditional love looks like.
Cori C - We need more watchdog groups to ensure animals are being treated humanely, fairly and not abused for science sake
Dyan F - Every being desires to be happy. They help make that happen.
lynn k - it is a remarkable organization addressing the suffering of all beings
Suzi T - each creature affects all the others as well as homo sapiens. All are connected and that matters. Adopts shelter pets.
Michael P - they protect those among us who can't protect themselves
Robert - of the fine work the committee does in promoting animal rights.
Taia A - No soul is less significant than any other.
Brenda B - everyone matters
Sherry R - PCRM puts a scientific twist on the benefits of non animal research and plant based diets.
Kim B - Physicians Committee helps make the world a better, more humane place for animals and people.
Lucy B - They are an effective voice for animals and successfully link animal welfare with human health.
Joseph Y - They are at the forefront of animal protection and it makes me proud to be a part of their campaign.
Barbar B - PCRM is effective in making the world better for animals.
Marsha H - Together we can make a difference for the animals!
Rick B - (At a farm animal sanctuary in Bennett Colorado). Because all lives matter.
Janine N - It is the only moral thing to do!
Beth J - using any sentient being as a disposable research tool decreases us all.
Olivia T -
Barb R - Just like people, animals have feelings. They should not be subjected to this torture in the name of science or for any other reason.
Houdini W - He was our first and best friend. In 2007 he crossed the rainbow bridge but we know that Mr. Houdini will be taken care of until we cross.
sherry w - we need to put an end to animal testing
Linda U - of their unending protection of, and activism to benefit, all animals!
Mary D - The fright and pain these trusting animals endure is unacceptable.
Christine T - they loves animals, and so do I.
Dr. B - Tthey protect and defend the animal kingdom.
Buster&Hobbes W - The suffering of so many animals must be prevented.
Kaia S - Because they make a lasting impact on the lives of animals and people.
Gypsy W - PCRM's work is vital in changing the face of animal expolitation. Otis is grateful for know that they are on his side! .
Jackie J - There's only one pet for me
Donna M - They give animals a voice.
Christine B - they champion a better way to conduct research that spared animals' lives.
Yuko K - PCRM is doing what I want to do. Their scientific approach is essential to convince people & society.
Shelley M - PCRM's work is wonderful to read about. It helps bring hope for a tomorrow when no animal will suffer, ever.
Janell L - Sweet innocent animals like Molly need to have strong advocates on their side.
Jayne W - I love animals and believe we have a responsibility to respect and care for them. They feel emotion and pain and are not disposable!
Barb B - I have always been an animal lover. I hate to hear about abuse off any animals. This is one of my rescue dogs.
Andree lerat - I am proud of the work PCRM does on behalf of animals and people. Thank you
Shay W - I join with PCRM to support every creature's right to freedom, respect and happiness.
Amy B - PCRM helps people eat well as vegans, helps animals live with dignity, and is respectful in how it achieves its goals.
Tammy N - Having 2 amazing rescue companions in our home is just one way to show our love and desire to protect the innocent. Thank you PCRM!
Linda C - I appreciate PCRM's efforts to end the use of animals in medical research. Rodney's story broke my heart.
Karin F - They deserve our protection and love, and to live free of pain and suffering.
Heather S - I want to help end cruelty to Animals.
Linda B - I love all animals and hope to make life better for all the wonderful annals we share our lives with!
Ricki Z - animals are not disposable 'specimens'. I respect anyone in the science field who recognizes this and offers love and kindness to them.
Norma O - I believe all animals should live in peace and not be scared that humans are going to hurt them.
Philomina R - they believe all animals deserve to live good lives.
monica d - They are true scientists of true science:Knowledge.
Suzanne W - They educate people about the horrors of vivisection; they do everything to end animal cruelty; and they really succeed in helping animals.
Michael L - they expose vivisection for what it is, and they are also spreading the word about how dangerous animal protein consumption is.
Lori G - All dogs and cats should live good lives filled with love, joy and happiness.
Betsy W - Physicians Committee is standing up to cruelty and making this a kinder world for all of us with evidence-based action.
Lori B - I am grateful for PCRM and Dr. Barnard, for knowing his work lightens my heart a litt.e.
Sheila G - I support the compassionate work of Dr. Barnard's Remembering Rodney because it is raising awareness and changing hearts, minds & laws!
Tim C - PCRM supports compassion through science and advocates doing science with compassion
Anna Z -
Robin P - Seeing my beautiful, sweet cat Tinker every day reminds me of all the animals in laboratories who need us to speak out for them.
Paige D - They are working to end animal abuse in so many different ways and they have a proven record of success
Patricia E - No animal should have to go through repeated surgeries and painful acts in the name of science.