Tips for Writing Letters

The Physicians Committee

Tips for Writing Letters

Are you writing to your local newspaper, a government official, or another decision maker? Here are a few tips on how to make your letter as effective as possible:

  • Please be polite. Courtesy makes people more likely to listen.

  • Keep your letter short. Limit the number of points you make and stay on the same subject.

  • Include your full name and address. If you're writing a letter to the editor of a newspaper, you should also include your daytime phone number.

  • Don't send your letter as an e-mail attachment. Because attachments may carry computer viruses, many people won't open them. Instead, paste or type your letter into the body of the e-mail message.

  • Mention your credentials. For example, a doctor might write, “As a physician, I believe.”

  • We all make mistakes. Catch errors by using your computer's spell check and reading over the letter before you send it.

  • Send us a copy! We'd love to see your letter. Please send it to Laura Anderson at

  • Thank you for caring enough to take action!

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