Hosting a PCRM Event

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Hosting a PCRM Event

Hosting a PCRM Event | Getting Started | Sample Timeline

Thank you so much for offering to host an event in support of PCRM and our lifesaving work. There are so many different types of fundraising events you can host—from a simple cocktail party in your home, to setting up a team for an already established run or sporting tournament, to hosting a golf tournament or a vegan bake sale—you are only limited by your creativity!

We appreciate your support and have put together guidelines to help you with your event planning.

When planning your event, please remember that PCRM does not have the resources available to assist you in the organization of your event, including finding sponsors, publicizing your event, or reimbursing you for expenses you incur.

Here are some things to remember when planning your event:

  • Your fundraiser is independent from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Neither the organizers nor participants may act as representatives of PCRM.
  • The name of your event should be the prominent feature on all event literature and promotional materials. Use of the PCRM name and logo can only be in the secondary context of “a fundraising event to benefit PCRM.”
  • The event organizer/sponsor is responsible for filing all necessary permits, for providing insurance coverage, if required, and accepts all liabilities incurred from the event.
  • All contributions must be obtained through legal means and be submitted within 30 days after the event. Make all checks payable to PCRM. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
  • The event organizer is responsible for underwriting 100 percent of the cost of producing the event. You may wish to seek in-kind donations or sponsors willing help cover your costs. These "sponsorships" are not tax-deductible as they are being made to you, not directly to PCRM. However, in return for these donations of goods, services or money, you can offer your sponsors a benefits package that could include placing a company logo on signage, fliers, invitations, Web page, program books, and other appropriate material. These sponsors are not making a tax-deductible donation, but they are generating goodwill by associating themselves with a great cause and a great organization.

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