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Frequently Asked Questions

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Medical and Nutrition Education

Fundamental topics are not addressed in the curricula of many medical schools, and only in passing at others. PCRM's educational resources answer your questions:

  • Nutrition Education Curriculum: Packed with lesson plans, peer-reviewed journal articles, and practical advice on how to put foods to work. It can be put straight to use in the classroom, and is ideal for informal “brown-bag” seminars.
  • Research Issues Compendium: Shows how to implement exciting and enormously popular alternatives to the traditional “dog lab” at your medical school. It contains discussion materials on making all research more effective, efficient, and humane. Animal issues are covered as well as the ethics of human experiments.
  • Medicine and Society Curriculum: offers perspectives for patient-centered, effective health care, with a special eye on ensuring proper care for traditionally disenfranchised groups.


Physicians Committee recipes are selected and vetted by registered dietitians and nutrition experts.

Physician Referrals

Plant-Based Doctors is an international listing of healthcare practitioners who understand the power of nutrition in preventing and reversing chronic disease.