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Medical students and residents now have the opportunity to learn more about integrating nutrition education and disease prevention into medical practice during three-four week rotations at the Barnard Medical Center. We are accepting applications on a rolling basis at


It’s not too late to reserve your seat for this summer’s International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine on Aug. 10-11! Clinicians receive 15 credits and will hear from more than 20 presenters. Reserve your seat!

The Physicians Committee teamed up with to spread the word about the growing number of health care providers who advise their patients on the benefits of a plant-based diet. Get started here.

Know someone in the Washington, D.C., metro area who would benefit from a plant-based health care provider? Recommend they visit our team of doctors, nurse practitioners, and dietitians at the Barnard Medical Center.

On March 8, we launched the third edition of our Nutrition Guide for Clinicians as a mobile app. It allows busy clinicians to access information on more than 100 conditions and how they interact with nutrition providing valuable diagnosis, treatment, and resources. We’ve seen a really positive response with nearly 30,000 downloads! Be sure to add this your list of clinic resources.

Integrate nutrition education into your practice by connecting with your local Food for Life instructor who is trained to deliver nutrition and cooking classes using the Physicians Committee’s award-winning curricula. Offer your office space as a venue or direct your patients to Food for Life classes in your community by contacting Dawnyel Pryor at

The network of Food for Life instructors is getting larger as nearly 30 trainees will be joining the team and attending the Food for Life certification training this summer. Meet the team of more than 300 affiliates around the world teaching Food for Life classes and connect with an instructor near you.

We are asking members of Congress to move forward with the SNAP Healthy Incentives Act (HR 4855). This legislation would give Americans who rely on food stamps a 30 percent rebate on purchases of fruits and vegetables.