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VIDEO: Drop the Hot Dogs to Protect Kids from Cancer Risk

No parent or educator would knowingly send a student into a school where they are exposed to asbestos. But in most schools, students are endangered by something just as dangerous: processed meats. Bacon, sausage, pepperoni pizza, hot dogs, and other processed meat products have joined the World Health Organization’s list of cancer-causing products, along with asbestos, arsenic, and cigarettes.

Doctors Promote to Protect Students, Patients from Hot Dogs

WASHINGTON—In advance of the World Health Organization declaring processed meats such as hot dogs as cancerous as asbestos, the Physicians Committee—a nonprofit of 12,000 doctors—is urging schools, hospitals, and public institutions to remove processed meats from menus and provide students and patients with cancer-fighting resources from

Avoiding Red Meat Improves Inflammation

Women who avoid red meat are more likely to be at a healthier weight and have lower levels of chronic inflammation and oxidative stress, according to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition. Researchers analyzed lifestyle and dietary information in an ethnically diverse group of 275 healthy premenopausal women and collected biomarkers of inflammation linked to cancer incidence.

Physicians Group Urges Lehigh Valley IronPigs to Add Veggies to Starting Lineup

WASHINGTON-A billboard near Coca-Cola Park in Allentown, Pa., is urging baseball fans to keep bacon off their plates. The billboard is part of an effort by the Physicians Committee-a nonprofit of 12,000 physicians-to encourage the Lehigh Valley IronPigs to bench the bacon and add health-promoting foods to the starting lineup.